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Mother-Daughter Apron Set

Wednesday, 20 February 2013 1:00

If you're a regular Sew4Home visitor, you know we are apron enthusiasts. A quick check of our Project Index shows nearly 40 entires in the Aprons category, and they're always one of our favorite options to consider when we're designing a new series. Today, we have a fabulous Mother-Daughter set initially designed for the Alfabeto Italiano Collezione, which debuted in 2010 from our friends at Michael Miller Fabrics. A quick run through Etsy and Ebay revealed a few cuts of Alfabeto still available for the dedicated searchers, but we were also delighted to find a new Italian-inspired collection from Dear Stella: Va Bene - 21 prints and solids, including cans of tomato sauce, Vespas and cobblestones. We've re-drawn our original aprons with specific selections from this fab new collection. Molto bello per mamma e bambina.

Quilt Basics - Rotary Cutting & Trimming - Part 2 of 5

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 1:00

Quilts start out as lots o' little pieces. So it makes sense the first thing you should learn about in quilting is how to cut your fabric! If you ask any quilter what she/he feels is the best cutting tool for the job, the answer will be: a rotary cutter. Many compare it to a pizza cutter, and if you've sliced up your share of pizza pies, a rotary cutter may not feel foreign to you at all. If not, pay close attention to all we have to tell you. In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the rotary cutter along with the other basic tools you’ll need to start quilting. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend checking out this article before proceeding with today's installment.


Re-imagine & Renovate - Put A Gift In It: Jumbo Fabric Tub

Friday, 15 February 2013 1:00

The Re-imagine & Renovate series is our chance to show you how one project can turn out an unlimited number of ways, depending on the choices you make with fabrics, trims and notions. It opens your eyes to how much fun it is to mix and match colors, patterns and collections to create a new look each and every time. We've made it to the final project is our latest R&R series: Put A Gift In It. Today's super-size round basket is fun to make and fun to use. Some tasks are just big, and so you need a big basket to get the job done. Whether you're doing the laundry, need jumbo storage for knitting or other crafting supplies, or want to put together a king-size gift package - this is the project for you! It's also a great excuse to use a bold geometric print. On some projects, big motifs can seem overwhelming, but on this project - we're happy to be huge!


Re-imagine & Renovate - Put A Gift In It: Fabric Wallets

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 1:00

Sometimes it's fun to not have to worry about learning a whole new project; instead, why not take a fave design and simply give it a whole new look. In other words: Re-imagine & Renovate! Like a fresh coat of paint, brand new fabric makes all the difference. This week's R&R projects have a Put A Gift In It theme: innovative ways to wrap up a special something for a special someone. Today's adorable mini clutches were the #1 project of 2012, so we knew we wanted to R&R them right away. These little guys are fun to make, great to give, and cute as a bucket of kittens! In fact, if you hurry, there's even time to make one today for Valentine's Day tomorrow. Tuck in a gift card or a romantic note along with a special token of your love. One of the things that makes this project so fun is it takes just a little bit of fabric. It's a great way to experiment with coordinating fabrics from a new collection you've been admiring. Test it out with a couple mini cuts, then re-order more for a bigger project.


Re-imagine & Renovate - Put A Gift In It: Fill 'er Up Gift Baskets

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 1:00

At Sew4Home, there's little time for the traditional R&R: rest and relaxation! Instead, we have our own definition; in our studios, R&R stands for: "Re-imagine & Renovate." It's all about putting a new spin on a favorite design, picking new fabrics, trims and notions to create a unique look. This week's Put A Gift In It message is ideal for today's basket pair. Wide and shallow, they are designed to be the perfect, easy-to-fill gift baskets. We provide cutting dimensions for both a small (apx. 8" x 5" x 3") and large (apx. 10" x 6" x 4") basket, which nest together for easy storage. Load one up with scrumptious treats or... pick out a few inexpensive items at the store and build your own custom-themed basket for a baby or wedding shower, birthday or housewarming. Wrapping up everyday items in a handmade basket, especially one the gift recipient can use again and again, turns the ordinary into something super special.


Re-imagine & Renovate - Put A Gift In It: Trendy Weekender Shoulder Bag

Monday, 11 February 2013 1:00

Each fabric has its own personality; and just like mixing interesting guests at a dinner party gives you dozens of fascinating conversations - how you combine fabric in a project gives you an unlimited number of beautiful end results. That's the idea behind our R&R series: we Re-imagine and Renovate a classic design to come up with a whole new look. This week we have four wonderful projects under the Put A Gift In It theme: innovative ways to wrap up a special something for a special someone. Today's cute and casual tote is named after my favorite Angela, our oldest daughter. She designed it herself and always gets tons of compliments on it. We recently featured the original bag on our Pinterest boards and immediately got dozens of repins. Seemed like a great time to give it a new look for the new year! This is a super simple project you can easily make in an afternoon. With two inside pockets and its unique tall design, the bag holds a surprising amount of stuff at a finished size of just 12" x 9" x 2" (excluding the cool top waves).


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Fabric Box-Baskets in Jenean Morrison/In My Room

Thursday, 07 February 2013 1:00

I think a lot of people in our S4H audience like stuff to put other stuff in. Every time we do any kind of a storage solution here, we get rave reviews. Our structured fabric baskets are at the top of that list. We have a new variation of them today in Jenean Morrison's In My Room collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics. I call them box-baskets. They're created in essentially the same manner as a number of our previous baskets, but we've changed the shape, the height, and the base in order to give them more of the feel of a box. And, we're using a heavy canvas strapping for the easy-to-grab side handle loops. We've worked with Jenean before and just love her. This new collection is wonderfully reminiscent of the playful little patterns of the sixties and seventies, which ties into collection's name; In My Room is also a Beach Boys hit from their 1963 Surfer Girl album.


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Farm Girl Reversible Apron in Felicity Miller/Charleston Farmhouse

Wednesday, 06 February 2013 1:00

Today we're introducing a brand new designer for S4H, Felicity Miller. It was a suggestion from FreeSpirit to give her brand new collection, Charleston Farmhouse a try, and we are so glad we agreed. Everyone who came into contact with this fabric in the Sew4Home studios loved it. We knew we wanted to do an apron, and in order to be able to use a number of different fabrics from within the collection, we decided to make the apron reversible. We've done it up in vintage "farm girl" style with an over-the-head bib; a wide sash that ties low at the waist for a long, comfy look; and a deep bottom ruffle. 


Quilt Basics - Tools, Notions & Other Stuff You Need - Part 1 of 5

Tuesday, 05 February 2013 1:00

The word "quilt" or "quilting" has many different meanings. It's a special word because it can be both a noun and a verb. Quilting can describe the overall craft itself. What type of sewing do you like? I like to quilt, or I like quilting. It can also mean the act of quilting, which is the process of sewing the layers (quilt top, batting and backing) together in a predetermined pattern or method (we'll talk more about this in Part 5). Some quilters (there it is again as a noun) refer to the patchwork piecing (or sewing) of the quilt top itself as quilting. And, in the end, the actual finished item is indeed a quilt. However you refer to it, quilting is a wonderful and exciting craft to incorporate into your sewing skills. This new series is designed to help beginning quilters get rollin'. We'll explain the basics of quilting, including the various tools you’ll need (and may already have), cutting techniques, how to create quilt blocks from basic shapes, piecing tips and techniques, and actual quilt stitching. 


FreeSpirit-Rowan 10&10 Series: Elegant Runner, Napkins & Ties in Victoria & Albert/Godwin

Monday, 04 February 2013 1:00

In medieval times, when the local castle was home not only to the landed aristocracy but also many of the surrounding townspeople as well as extended family and friends, the great hall was where just about everything took place, including meals. The very first tables were literally just large boards. When not in use, the board was hung on the wall. When ready for a meal, it was brought down and balanced on the knees of the diners. If you've ever wondered where the "board" of room and board came from... now you know; it meant a place at the table or board. This historical preamble seems apropos given today's table linen fabric is Godwin from the Victoria & Albert Museum collection by Rowan Fabrics. Godwin is based on designs by Edward William Godwin, an English architect and designer who, during the mid to late 1800s, was known as a progressive and experimental artist, one of the first to introduce a Japanese influence to the European design repertory. You can see this in the "Bamboo" fabric used in our elegant table runner.



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