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Mother's Day with Fabric.com: Retro Half Apron with Matching Hot Pads

Monday, 08 April 2013 1:00

Mom's special day is coming up on May 12th this year. Now's the perfect time to get started on a wonderful handmade, heartfelt gift for her! Fabric.com is our sponsor for a wonderful week of Mother's Day project ideas. We have five days of pretty, practical, just plain cute-as-pie ideas for all kinds of moms, mothers-in-laws, grandmas, and any other special ladies in your life who may have wiped your tears, cooked up your mac 'n' cheese and believed you could do anything - even when you didn't. To start things off, we have an adorable half apron with a set of matching hot pads in Kiss The Cook from Robert Kaufman. As you can tell by the cool props in the photos, we're collectors of vintage kitchen goodies and absolutely fell in love with the retro vibe of this fun fabric collection. 


Quilt Basics - Quilting The Quilt - Part 5 of 5

Friday, 05 April 2013 1:00

As we enter the final phase of making a quilt, you should be proud of all you've learned thus far. If you think back to Part 1 of this Series, you may have been skeptical about adding "how to quilt" to your sewing toolbox of skills. Now you can see it was simply a case of ignoring your fears and going forward with curiosity and confidence. We encourage you to remember this as we venture into the final phase!


Woven Burlap Pillow with Vintage Paris Map Feature Fabric

Thursday, 04 April 2013 1:00

During our recent DIY wedding series, A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com, we developed a little bit of a crush on burlap and were looking for a reason to use it again. We've actually combined two elements from this series in today's project: burlap, this time in the form of pre-cut ribbons and the weaving technique brought to us in the specialty Guest Tutorial by Elaine Schmidt for the ring bearer's pillow. We put the two together to create a unique reversible pillow that looks as stylish and trendy as anything you'd find on the shelves of Anthropologie®. The front is Mapped Out in Sienna by Waverly from Fabric.com. The back is woven and stitched burlap ribbon. 

Re-imagine & Renovate: Faux Leather White Alligator Handbag

Wednesday, 03 April 2013 1:00

One winter ago, we ran a series in which we experimented with some "Lush and Plush" fabrics, such as faux leather and fur, cuddly Minky fleece, and super soft flannel to create a number of beautifully rich home décor items and accessories. One of the favorite projects within the series, that went on to become one of our most popular projects ever, was our Trendy Faux Leather Handbag. For the original series, we created the bag in a rich wine-red faux calf leather with striking deep amber imitation tortoise shell handles. We decided to R&R it for Spring – lightening and brightening it but maintaining its super stylish lines. 


Re-imagine & Renovate: Double-Flange Pillow Shams in Spring Cottons

Tuesday, 02 April 2013 1:00

This past summer, we created a Romantic Bedroom Retreat with our friends at Free Spirit and Rowan Fabrics, combining a number of designers, collections and substates. For today's Re-imagine & Renovate project, we decided to take one of our favorite projects from within this series and transform it from lush and elegant to fresh and fun. That's what our R&R posts are all about. We pull out a classic fave tutorial and give it a whole new spin with updated fabrics, trims and notions. We switched out the historical Rowan Bromley cottons and rich velvet accents for a light, bright trio of spring cottons, courtesy of our friends, and today's sponsor, Fat Quarter Shop


Re-imagine & Renovate: Glasses Case - For Him or Her

Monday, 01 April 2013 1:00

Just in time for Mother's Day, Father's Day or even Graduation Day... a pretty case for eyeglasses or sunglasses makes a great gift. You need just a little bit o' fabric and a little bit o' time to whip up one (or several). If you're a S4H regular, you know our R&R posts are a fun way to see how one project can turn out an unlimited number of ways, depending on the choices you make with fabrics, trims and notions. This project was initially part of a Valentine's Series. We used the pretty ruffle accent of the original design on two cases, but left it off the other two samples for a clean, "guy-friendly" look. The cases are quilted for soft protection and lined to help keep your lenses scratch-free.


Quilt Basics - Piecing Quilt Blocks by Machine Part 4B of 5

Thursday, 21 March 2013 1:00

We're back for the second half of our piecing tutorial – part Four of our Five-part Quilting Basics series. Quilters are very resourceful and innovative. You can see this trait revealed in some of the popular quick-piecing methods that have been developed over time. The mindset behind each is to save thread and/or time. They also often make the quilt-building process easier. As we move through today's article, we're going to assume you’ve reviewed the previous tutorials in the Series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4A.  If you've not done so, we recommend starting from the beginning so you can make sure you have the appropriate set up, precut fabric pieces, etc.


Quilt Basics - Piecing Quilt Blocks by Machine Part 4A of 5

Wednesday, 20 March 2013 1:00

In quilting, there are special techniques used to sew patchwork pieces into blocks, then assemble those blocks into a quilt. The precise execution of these techniques is paramount to a beautifully finished quilt. It's similar to putting together a puzzle; each piece has to fit perfectly in order for the larger picture to come into view. As we go through the specific piecing techniques, don’t be surprised to find you can apply many of them to other areas of sewing! This is part Four of our Five-part Quilting Basics series. If you haven't already, we do recommend you read parts One through Three prior to launching into today's tutorial. You'll find the related links listed at the bottom of the page. To keep these instructions to an manageable size, we've broken this Part into two sub-parts. And just like a good television soap opera, we're sure you'll be on the edge of your seat, waiting for tomorrow's installment! 


Pleated & Pressed Linen Table Runner

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 1:00

Yesterday, we introduced you to a new, favorite tool in our sewing studio: the Oliso® TG1050 Smart Iron with iTouch® TechnologyBelieve it or not, we actually had fun ironing (read our full review here)! Today, we're putting the iron to a real test with a pleated table runner in a solid-color washed linen. There's plenty o' pressing in this project, but having a great iron made it fast and easy. The beauty of the runner is in the texture of the pleated squares side by side with the plain squares. It looks best in a solid, which really shows off the definition. Plus - we show you a fun way to create pretty mitered corners without using a separate binding strip. Our "binding" is actually the folded over edges of the back panel - binding and back all in one!


A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com: Floral Wedding Gown Sash

Thursday, 14 March 2013 1:00

Another top trend we came across in our research for the Rustic Wedding series with Fabric.com was the bridal gown sash. We found these talked about in articles as well as for sale on a variety of sites, from high-end bridal specialty boutiques to Etsy. The going price was $200-$600 and up! With a few small cuts of luxury fabrics, such as lace, tulle, satin and organza, along with some beautiful pearl or crystal beads, you can create your own custom wedding sash for much, much less. Plus, it will be perfect for your look, your color, your wedding. The flowers on our wedding sash are based on a number of tutorials we've run previously on S4H. The key to creating a beautiful look, such as you see on our sample, is to really experiment with color, texture and the placement of the flowers, beads and other embellishments.



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