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Comfy Pet Bed with Bolster Sides: Christmas in July with

Friday, 19 July 2013 1:00

All those christmas cats and holiday hounds deserve attention too during Christmas in July with We browsed the fleece selection, which is both huge and available year 'round at, and selected two cozy coordinates to build our super comfy pet bed: a bright Christmas green and a rich leopard print. Our design incorporates four bolster arm pillows sewn into a flat base with a separate tufted pillow insert. We noodled on this one for quite awhile to come up with instructions that yielded a cool finished design that was also easy to assemble. So although any 3-D project is a bit more complex than others, this cozy pet bed is something we know you can do! 


Gift Tote Trio in Small, Medium & Large: Christmas in July with

Thursday, 18 July 2013 1:00

No Christmas in July series worth its name would be complete without some sort of gift wrap solution. For this Series with, we've kicked it up a notch, making gift bag totes for the whole family in small, medium and large. These totes are done in bold, heavy weight fabrics that will look great from winter right through to spring. We picked strong graphics in colors outside traditional holiday reds and greens yet that blend with them beautifully. A sparkling bow or embellishment adds just the right touch of holiday pizzazz under the tree; remove the bow and you have a tote that's good to go for everyday use.  


Little Presents EZ Baby Quilt with Matching Appliqué Bib: Christmas in July with

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 1:00

When there's a brand new little one in the family, the holidays are all about baby. We have you covered with this week's Christmas in July preparations. Our adorable baby quilt with its matching appliquéd bib will make Baby's First Christmas extra special. The quilt is made of traditional nine-patch blocks, but we stretched four of the nine squares into rectangles. The resulting design mimics the look of a little wrapped present. You make nine present blocks to create the perfect baby quilt gift. The matching bib uses a couple of larger motifs from the quilt's fabric as appliqués and super soft and absorbant chenille on the back.


XL Wristlets with Zipper Bling: Christmas in July with

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 1:00

Today during Christmas in July with, we're planning for all those Parties in December. When you're out and about on the town during this most festive time of the year, one of the best accessories to have is a pretty purse. You'll need something big enough to hold all the essentials... perhaps even generous enough to tuck in a few holiday hostess gifts. And, you'll want an elegant style that can blend with your best little black dress as well as a casual Christmas sweater and jeans. This design is based on our original Mini Wristlet pattern, but we've re-imagined it as a larger bag and added some very unique zipper accents thanks to the innovative zippers we found at One is an amazing crystal zipper, the other's a great chunky metal zipper.


Snowman Pillows: Christmas in July with

Monday, 15 July 2013 1:00

Yep; it's that time of year again: Christmas in July. Temperatures across the US this season have been high, especially out here in the West. It's hard to imagine ever pulling out sweaters and mittens again, but before you know it, we'll all be complaining about the chilly winter winds and reminiscing about those lazy days of summer. Recognizing Christmas in July allows you to get a jump on your holiday projects and take advantage of all the great holiday fabrics released and available in the widest selection right now. Many are also on sale! We've turned the tradition around a bit by mixing seasonal prints with some universal beauties. has sponsored five days of projects - each guaranteed to be a hit on Christmas morning and continue to be enjoyed throughout the months ahead. What better way to start the week than with our innovative (and reversible) Snowman Pillows.


Creativity is in the Bag: Bucket Purse with Zipper Tape Accents

Friday, 12 July 2013 1:00

If a zipper doesn't zip, is it still a zipper? Certainly a question for the ages, don't you think? And we have the answer! A zipper that doesn't zip is Zipper Tape. We've used this very unique trim as a substitute for piping as well as a stand-in for ribbon on our very clever bucket purse. This smashing design is the perfect synergy of unique trims and dramatic fabric. If we do say so ourselves, the end results are stunning! But more than that, it's also a wonderful exercise in how to blend trims and fabrics to achieve a designer look. Our goal is to show you how to look at combinations from a new angle, how to mix textures, how to look for unexpected pairings, how to think out of the box. Whip it up... or should I say ZIP it up, today.

Creativity is in the Bag: Preppy Wave Tucked Handbag

Wednesday, 10 July 2013 1:00

Wave tucks are a fun and unique way to add a textural focal point to any size bag. Before you start to panic, this technique does not require a bathing suit or a surfboard; all you need is your sewing machine... and a desire for style! First, check out our amazing step-by-step Wave Tuck Tutorial. Then, come back and try out your cool new skills on this very cute, very preppy handbag with its gorgeous contrasting wave tucks on both the front and back.

Creativity is in the Bag: Toile Tote with Button Accents

Tuesday, 09 July 2013 1:00

Today, we're talkin' toile ... actually, we're talkin' toile de jouy. It's a fabric best known for covering rich Aunt Ruth's living room chairs (the chairs you aren't allowed to sit on). But we've turned it into a trendy bag with an unexpected pop of color for the lining, coordinating accent ruffle, and major button bling along the sides to attach the straps. Toile de jouy came onto the scene in the mid-to-late 1700s in France. Toile simply means "linen cloth or canvas" in French. Further expanding your knowledge of French (there'll be a short quiz at the end of the project), toile de jouy means "cloth from Jouy-en-Josas" – a town in north-central France near the more famous, Versailles.

Nature's Palette by Marjolein Bastin for FreeSpirit Fabrics: Basket-weave Quilted Tote

Thursday, 04 July 2013 1:00

When Vera Bradley's quilted bags hit the fashion spotlight in recent years, suddenly quilted bags were all the rage. But those of us in sewing and craft have been quilting bags for years. We already knew it was beautiful and practical. Now, it's still beautiful, still practical, and... very trendy. Our Nature's Palette tote mixes a quilted top with a plain base. We added sleek piping accents, a striking antler toggle button as a closure, and pretty over-the-shoulder straps. Fashion forward and uniquely you!


Nature's Palette by Marjolein Bastin for FreeSpirit: Lace Edged Pillowcases

Wednesday, 03 July 2013 1:00

Kittens sleep curled in a ball, horses sleep standing up, sea otters float on the surface of the water while they sleep. There are a lot of ways to catch a few ZZs. For humans, I think we'd all agree, the best way to doze is to sink down into a crisp, clean, beautiful pillowcase. We love making pillowcases at Sew4Home. They're fast and easy, and they're a great way to add some delightful color and design to your bed linens. We used two coordinated prints from the Nature's Palette collection for each of our pillowcases.



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