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Folklore Bolster Pillow with Renaissance Ribbons

Monday, 28 October 2013 1:00

Wild Child! That's the name of the folk art inspired collection on which these exuberant Jane Sassaman ribbons are based. This is Jane's first collection with Renaissance Ribbons and it's a perfect fit. Intricate detail is a hallmark of all the Renaissance woven ribbons, and it's crucial to achieve the depth of color and design in this rich collection. Jane describes it as being, "Infused with 'Flower Power'." The folklore feeling immediately came through for us, and we were inspired to combine the bright ribbons with a festive red denim highlighted with white piping and white tufted buttons on each end. The finished bolster reminds us of a cozy Scandinavian sweater, and makes us want to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa. It's a great style for the holidays, but because the ribbon designs don't contain any specific Christmas motifs, you could keep it on display throughout the winter season... or until the cocoa runs out.


Laminated Cotton Mini Clean Mats

Friday, 25 October 2013 1:00

When you're eating on-the-go at outdoor tables or food courts, do you ever wonder where to sit or put your food? Sometimes those surfaces look a bit questionable at best. And, experiments with cold and flu germs (already everywhere this time of year) have shown they can remain active on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours. Yikes! Our set of mini laminated mats is the answer to helping keep things sanitary. Not only are they cute as can be, they roll up and secure with a wrap strap so they're easy to carry. Lay them out anywhere for a clean surface for your meal... and yourself or your kids. When done, simply wipe clean with a sanitizing spray.

Decorative Stitch Sampler Pillow with Fairfield

Thursday, 24 October 2013 1:00

Like your favorite pair of lounging pants or comfy sweatshirt, sometimes you just gotta have a loose fit. Today's pillow follows suit with a relaxed and roomy cover, but the real hero is on the inside. The luxurious Home Elegance™ insert is what achieves that perfect designer slouch. Sew4Home sponsor, Fairfield Processing makes the Home Elegance™ line of pillow inserts. If you want a great finished pillow, you need to start with a quality insert or filler, and these are our personal favorites to get a high-end look in a down-alternative. Home Elegance™ inserts have a 100% cotton, 300-thread count jacquard cover filled with a special 100% polyester gel fiber. To complete the pillow, we chose super soft colored denim as the backdrop for fifteen lines of decorative stitching on each side and coordinating tassels at the corners (yep... we have a tutorial for them). Most machines today feature amazing packages of decorative stitches. This is a great way to sample some of your favorites. Wouldn't it make a great holiday gift?!


Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 Pillow Projects

Wednesday, 23 October 2013 1:00

We're still lucky enough to be playing with the brand new Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000, which has been a welcome guest in our studios over the past few weeks. It has to go home to Janome America soon, but before we box it up, we spent some time on the new MC15000 website, browsing their cool Project Book. It has a number of fun ideas, but we were especially captivated by the pillow techniques and tutorials. Looking at the samples a machine has created is a great way to determine if it's the right model for you. Our favorite was the Split the Difference pillow with its dramatic embroidered center medallion. When I see stitch precision like this, it makes me want to embroider everything that isn't nailed down.

Festive Cook's Apron With Handy Towel Loop

Tuesday, 22 October 2013 1:00

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The year's biggest kitchen extravaganza is just around the corner. Thanksgiving, with all its aromas, tastes and family dynamics, is only a month away! It's a proven fact that a festive apron will make the day go more smoothly (we are not obligated to tell you who proved this). Our vibrant Thanksgiving apron design has decorative stitching accents and a clever towel loop, making it easier to dash from turkey to stuffing to pies looking cool, calm and collected - even with your mother-in-law watching from the sofa. The apron is fully lined, and even though it's not "officially reversible," it is pretty enough on both sides to wear inside out... a benefit when there's a gravy emergency.

Studs & Links Linen and Ribbon Apron with Renaissance Ribbons

Monday, 21 October 2013 1:00

Sometimes, the right ribbon can drive the feeling of an entire project. Today's Studs & Links ribbons from Renaissance Ribbons have an incredible three dimensional appeal and a tough yet tender design. From the Renaissance Ribbons collection by Raphael Kerley, these dynamic ribbons immediately caught our eye. We knew they'd be a unique and graphically bold option for a Steampunk inspired apron. The look of the ribbons prompted the use of rivets to attach the ties. Next up was the perfect fabric to carry the theme. We found that in the World Tour collection from David Butler's Parson Gray for FreeSpirit Fabrics. His Figi pattern has a starburst motif that appears fashioned out of wireworks, and the linen substrate has a soft drape and interesting texture that sets off the smooth and rich jacquard ribbons.


Learn To Sew: Xtra EZ Pony Tail Bolster Pillow

Thursday, 17 October 2013 1:00

This finished pillow may look complex, but the steps are... as the name promises: Xtra EZ.  If you are learning to sew yourself or teaching someone else, the projects in our Learn to Sew series are for you. We spend extra time going over tools and techniques, and you'll find links to other articles that can move you further along the learning curve. Today's project explains topstitching, machine gathering, and how to make a skinny tie. 

Learn To Sew: Xtra EZ Tufted Pom Pillow

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 1:00

Have more Xtra EZ fun with our happy pom pom pillow. This Learn To Sew series is targeted at those of you just getting into the joy of sewing. But it's also great for the experienced ones among you who are looking for great beginner projects to use to pass along your skills. All three of our Xtra EZ pillows would be wonderful to make with children who are learning to sew. The articles have additional steps to shed light on cutting skills and other sewing basics. Plus, each teaches specific techniques that will be valuable for future projects. For this pillow, you'll learn the tools and tricks to apply a simple trim, how to sew a center tufted button, and how to square-up your fabric. 

Learn To Sew: Xtra EZ Nine-Patch Pillow

Tuesday, 15 October 2013 1:00

We're often asked for more projects that can be done by beginners or used as projects to help teach someone to sew - especially a child. This week, we're introducing a new series to answer those requests: Xtra EZ. We have three wonderful pillow projects in a delightful new fabric from Dena Designs for FreeSpirit Fabrics called Love & Joy. It's billed as a Christmas fabric, but a number of the prints work beautifully year 'round. We chose the red and aqua colorway, which is a can't miss combo in everyone's book. For each of our Xtra EZ projects not only are the steps themselves just that: extra easy, we've also made sure there are specific techniques to build a beginner's sewing tool box. Today's pillow shows the tools and tricks to create a simple patchwork design and illustrates the most basic of pillow closures: the envelope back.

Metro Bag with Renaissance Ribbons

Monday, 14 October 2013 1:00

When you want something to be more fun, you give it a nick name. Alexandra is someone who shops Rodeo Drive with a small dog in her Louis Vuitton® bag. Lexie is your BFF who cruises the flea markets with you. Metropolitan can feel crowded, expensive and snobby. Metro is hip, trendy and cool... just like today's bag! The fabric is from the World Tour collection by David Butler's Parson Gray for FreeSpirit Fabrics. But what makes the bag unique are the ribbons, which are also by Parson Gray, but produced by our friends at Renaissance Ribbons. "Where are the ribbons?" you ask. That's the secret! We created "ribbon fabric," a technique we've shown you to some extent in other Renaissance Ribbons projects, such as the Ribbon Fold-Over Wallet. The difference here is how we've used just one ⅝" wide ribbon, stacking it to create perfectly matching accents of varying widths: single, triple and quadruple. It's not only an amazing embellishment, it adds a patina and texture you can only get from a woven ribbon. 



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