Moda Match Maker March 2016

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Eclectic Elements by Tim Holtz for Coats - A Penny Saved Apron

Tuesday, 03 September 2013 1:00

Unisex in style, tone and fit, today's Eclectic Elements apron welcomes the first crisp mornings of Fall with a distressed, vintage palette that hints at the warm browns, taupes and reds of turning leaves. Our final measurements are shown below, but it's easy to size the pattern up or down since the main panels start as simple rectangles. We provide the armhole template as a free download. With holiday gatherings just around the corner, wouldn't this apron make a wonderful host/hostess gift wrapped up with some natural wooden spoons, handsome metal skewers or even a vintage cookbook find?! It's always fun when a fabric collection has such interesting motifs, like these little game pieces and price tags as well as the lining's dictionary pages; they inspire innovative gift giving ideas.


Eclectic Elements by Tim Holtz for Coats - Designer Profile & Fabric Flower

Monday, 02 September 2013 1:00

What do a pocket watch, a subway schedule and a scientific butterfly illustration have in common? These "eclectic elements" are beautifully blended together in a fabric line of the same name. We're very pleased to introduce you to Eclectic Elements by Tim Holtz for Coats. This is the debut fabric line for the legendary Coats brand, and the premier collection for renowned paper crafter and designer, Tim Holtz. We have nine projects, including today's Fabric Flower Tutorial by Paula Cheney of Tim's creative team, plus an amazing Great Giveaway at the Series' conclusion. We invite you to lose yourself in the myriad of unusual and imaginative motifs that make up this collection. We can see Tim's inspiration behind each and every one, "This unique combination of salvaged findings and vintage palette creates a collection to inspire your artful imagination. I believe creativity is not in the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found." 


Ruffles and Romance Neckroll Pillow with Fairfield

Friday, 30 August 2013 1:00

The inspiration for today's pillow came from a beautiful blouse in Alicia's closet. Taking ideas from garment construction is a fun way to incorporate unique techniques and embellishments into your home décor. We've used the softness of double-layer ruffles to create romance in the round on this beautiful neckroll pillow. An overcasting stitch finishes the raw edges, adding to the shabby chic design. When you see this raw-edge effect on garments, it's often been done with a serger and what's called a lettuce edge. We show you how to create a similar effect with your sewing machine. We pre-washed our tissue linen fabric and scrunched it slightly to a give the pillow its slightly distressed texture and antique feel. The shape is a 6" x 20" Soft Touch® Neckroll pillow insert from Sew4Home sponsor, Fairfield Processing. You know them from all the great "soft stuff" they provide to make your projects wonderful from the inside out: pillow inserts, Poly-Fil® polyester fiber fill, batting, Nu-Foam® and more. We can't stress enough how important it is that your pillow projects use quality inserts or fillers. The difference in the finished look is dramatic. 


Re-Make & Re-Use: Save Your Faves for Back to School

Thursday, 29 August 2013 1:00

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Shopping for back-to-school is almost a rite of passage. You must have at least one new sweater to wear. Because even if the thermometer still reads in the 80s, the beads of sweat are worth the fashion statement. But before buying a complete wardrobe, give your budget a break, and check to see if there are some items you could re-make and re-use. Brush up on your fix-it skills with our basic sewing tutorials, then put a new spin on some rough-around-the-edges favorites.

Flat Iron - Curling Iron Travel Case

Tuesday, 27 August 2013 1:00

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Don't know about you, but when I travel, not matter how organized I try to be, I'm always hurrying to finish packing my toiletries and make-up. I'm also usually trying to fix my hair at the last minute, which means there sits my flat iron... too hot to pack! This gave us the idea for today's accessory: the hot tool case. It contains two hidden layers of metalized thermal batting. It looks pretty from the outside and is protective from the inside, so you can pack your curling or flat iron while warm... and still catch your plane on time! It's also great for your gym bag.

Knowledge To Go: Download Our Sewing Basics Resource Guide

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 1:00

Our official Sew4Home full-color, 28-page Sewing Basics Resource Guide is an absolute must for the beginning sewing enthusiast. But it's also a great little refresher course for us all. You can always learn something new – right?! Check out the lists of what to look for in sewing machine needles, cutting tools, thread and more. Find step-by-step instructions for several technique basics, like simple hems and buttons. Proving anyone can (and should) make their own home décor is our motto and our goal here at Sew4Home. If we've helped you catch the sewing bug - or inspired you with our projects and articles, then it's your turn to pass it on. I bet you can think of two or three friends and/or relations who would benefit from knowing how to sew. We encourage you to make it your goal to teach at least one new person to sew this fall. Our handy Sewing Basics booklet would make an amazing gift to bundle with a new machine for someone who's been dying to learn. 

Ribbon Fold-over Wallet with Renaissance Ribbons

Monday, 19 August 2013 1:00

Today's Ribbon Wallet is so beautiful, you'll want to carry it by itself – not hide it away in a handbag. We've used the technique of assembling a number of ribbons side-by-side to create our own "fabric." We chose four beautiful ribbons from Amy Butler's Alchemy collection by Renaissance Ribbons. These are the breathtaking Jacquard ribbons for which Renaissance is famous. They are intricately woven with brilliant color. Because of this detail in the weaving, the ribbons have wonderful substance that makes them gorgeous to work with, but it also means you need to be aware of the thickness of your project. For a multi-layer project like today's wallet, which needs to fold flat, we came up with an interesting solution. As you'll see in the instructions below, the ribbons are stitched to the plain side of a layer of fusible interfacing. When the front and back are assembled and pressed, it activates the fusing and creates a tight, smooth bond. Stability is increased and layers are decreased.


Mesh Sport Pouches with New Dritz Fashion Elastic

Friday, 16 August 2013 1:00

A zippered pouch is our favorite carryall when little things need to travel. Today we've mixed Dritz® elastic with cotton and pet screen to create a sporty pouch you can take across the country on vacation or across town to the gym. The open mesh of the pet screen allows you to see what's inside; it's also great when you need to sift out sand after a day at the beach or shake out crumbs from on-the-go snacks. We used two different Dritz® elastics for heft and flexibility rather than stretch. Our bold fabric is from Denyse Schmidt's Florence collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics, brand new this month.


Easy Ruched Pillow with New Dritz Fashion Elastic

Thursday, 15 August 2013 1:00

People often use elastic to create a gathered or ruffled effect. But what if the elastic itself had ruffles? I'm no math expert, but I think that might be ruffles-squared. The new Dritz® Ruffle Elastic is a fun way to add both texture and color with the extra bonus of functional stretchability. We used this pretty new elastic to create a easy ruched effect on a pillow front. "Ruched" means the gathers are secured on both ends. Our pillow fabric is from the brand new Amy Butler Organic Forest collection for Rowan, coming out this October. Ruching is traditionally done with a gathering stitch on your machine. We're using elastic to do the work instead, creating the same effect but with the addition of an eye-catching trim. A little trick to stitching down the elastic along both edges and still keeping a perfectly centered motif: a zipper foot! It fits perfectly down the center of the elastic. Stitch once with the needle to the left, stitch again with the needle to the right. "Why, yes... we do show a picture."


Boho Shoulder Bag with New Dritz Fashion Elastic

Wednesday, 14 August 2013 1:00

One of the things we love about Dritz® Fold-Over Elastic (FOE) is the ability to use it as a binding. There's a built-in crease line down the center that allows easy and accurate folding. You get three benefits in one: color, stretch and finish. Today's casual bag features two generous pleated pockets bound with FOE. They not only look great, they're also super functional – with expandable tops that make dropping in items one-handed-easy. In addition, the entire top of the bag is also finished with FOE, using it as a flat binding. We picked two prints from the brand new Amy Butler Organic Forest collection for Rowan, coming out this October. Amy's fabrics always feature the trendiest colors and most alluring graphics, but we had no problem finding a Dritz® Fold-Over Elastic that blended beautifully. There are 10 solid colors and 12 patterned options from which to choose. The patterns are woven in, not printed on, plus they're fade resistant and colorfast. These good looks will last!



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