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ScrapBusters: Embellished Ribbon Bookmarks

Friday, 03 May 2013 1:00

At S4H, we save all the beautiful ribbon scraps from our projects. Most of our ScrapBuster bookmarks are made using the gorgeous jacquard ribbon from our friends at Renaissance Ribbons. Because of their intricate designs and rich colors, jacquard ribbons are ideal for making bookmarks. Many kinds of ribbon, however, are suitable for bookmarks, and you may have just what you need in your stash. Velveteen ribbons with vintage rhinestone embellishments make beautiful bookmarks and require no sewing. Grosgrain ribbons in school or team colors are a fun way to personalize, plus you can embellish with custom mascot charms and beads. Ribbon bookmarks are fast and easy to make, especially if you do a bunch at once.


ScrapBusters: Fabric Door Stop Cube

Thursday, 02 May 2013 7:58

Spring has sprung! For the first time this season, I opened up my windows. I even raised up the storm glass in the screen doors. It's time to let some fresh air blow through, which in our house sets up an amazing wind tunnel effect that slams doors shut upstairs and down. I need a stylish way to keep the doors open and the air circulating. ScrapBusters to the rescue! Today's door stop is a simple cube made with standard cottons stiffened with ultra firm fusible interfacing. An opening along the bottom is where I inserted polyester fiber fill at the top, just to take up a little space, and a plastic bag of inexpensive dried navy beans at the bottom for weight. The opening seals shut with Velcro®. A wide twill tape handle makes it's easy to place and move the door stop anywhere the wind blows.


ScrapBusters: Dresser Top Coin Catcher

Wednesday, 01 May 2013 1:00

The bedroom dresser top. In catalog and magazine photos, it's always so clean – a single rose in a vase adorning one pristine corner. In reality, this is one of the most cluttered, easy-to lose-things-on surfaces in the house! Scatterings of coins, broken jewelry, forgotten notes, safety pins, missing buttons, dusty photos, watches in need of batteries... you name it, it's likely to end up on the dresser top. We've come up with a beautiful way to help you organize at least some of it. We're not promising miracles; you are still going to have to take those watches in for batteries one of these days, but at least you'll have a place to collect a few things. We call our cute fabric basket a Coin Catcher, but you're welcome to let it catch whatever you'd like. 


ScrapBusters: Belt Pouch Holds Phone & More

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 1:00

There are so many times you need two hands free (Look Ma... No hands!). So today we have a clever pouch you can slip on a belt. Anytime you need both hands to get a task done, this little organizer is great solution. It's perfect for urban walkers, Saturday antiquing adventures or just when you're trying to wrangle two toddlers down the block. Drop your smart phone in a pocket at the back and use the zippered front pocket to hold cash, change, credit cards or other necessities. We also incorporated a handy D-ring at the top to allow you to slip a key fob in place. Or, as we show above, snap on a caribiner and, rather than slipping the pouch over a belt, simply clip it to a belt loop or even onto another larger bag or pack for fast on-and-off access.


ScrapBusters: Insulated Lunch Tote with PUL Lining

Monday, 29 April 2013 1:00

Ditch the brown bag and lighten up your lunch table with this very cute insulated lunch bag. It uses a half a yard or less of two decorator weight fabrics for the exterior with PUL for the lining. Insulating fleece between the layers helps keep your lunch warm or cool. We added Velcro® to seal it shut while still allowing for a quick open... gotta be able to get in when you're hungry! If you wanted to amp up the insulating properties, you could reconfigure the design to add a zipper. The wipe-clean PUL on the inside makes any spills easy to remove. And, extra long handle loops mean you can grab it and go or slip it over your arm, leaving your hands are free to grab a drink or tote your latest lunchtime reading material.


Janome Week: The "Everything" Apron: Embroidery, Decorative Stitching and Quilting

Friday, 26 April 2013 1:00

For our final day of Janome Week, we took all the techniques we've experimented with and pulled them together into one, fun project: our Everything Apron. It features embroidery, decorating stitching and quilting. We're using the brand new Memory Craft 9900 sewing and embroidery machine. The slogan for this machine is: As Unique As You! And we can certainly understand why. It gives you everything you need to take your creative expression in any direction you can imagine: from sewing to embroidery and beyond. It's a great machine to take on everything for our Everything Apron. The base design of the apron comes from the Vintage Modern Pleated Apron featured in last Spring's Kitchen Confections Series. We added pretty new embellishments to give it a whole new look.


Janome Week: Quilted Bed Runner

Thursday, 25 April 2013 1:00

The biggest sewing category around the world is quilting. If you've been thinking about jumping on the bandwagon, we recently finished a five-part Quilting Basics Series and have included links to all the parts below. It's a great way to get started. Today during Janome Week, to show off the quilting features of Janome's sewing and quilting machines, we've chosen the Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP to create a beautiful bed runner: a decorative throw for the foot of your bed. It's lovely to look at, but can also be used to help protect a fancier full-size quilt or bedspread. You can sit on a bed runner or even stretch out and place your feet on it. Ours finishes at approximately 92" x 34" and is sized for a king or queen mattress. Our sample is shown on a king; there would simply be more drape down either side on a queen. We've done basic nine-patch blocks with each inner block made up of four pieced triangles. The clever mixing of the colors creates a three-dimensional effect within each of the inner blocks as well as in the finished nine-patch itself. Stitching in the ditch was used to quilt the center, while the inner and outer borders are done with stippling.


Janome Week: Embroidered Table Linens with Free Design Downloads

Wednesday, 24 April 2013 1:00

Yesterday during Janome Week it was decorative stitching; today it's embroidery. While nearly all sewing machines include at least some decorative stitch options, only embroidery models can create embroidery designs. Janome has both embroidery-only models: such as the Memory Craft 350E, as well as sewing and embroidery models, such as the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 and the Memory Craft 9900. For our project today, we're using the brand new Janome MC9900 (click here to see our recent review of this model). Although there are many, many built-in embroidery designs on the MC9900, and we'll be playing with some of them later in the week for our Apron project; today we wanted to show you another wonderful option you have with Janome embroidery models: bringing in a design from an outside source - it's so easy! It could be something you create yourself with embroidery software, something you purchase on an embroidery CD, or something you download from the hundreds... no... thousands of embroidery design resources on the Internet. We have two custom Janome-compatible designs as free downloads today – just for our Sew4Home visitors!


Janome Week: Decorative Stitch Pillow Power

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 1:00

I still remember the first sewing machine I bought with a full compliment of decorative stitches. I was in seventh heaven. It felt like the same unbridled choice as when you open a fresh box of 64 crayons. Variety unleashed! But we often get so busy with the construction process, we forget about all those great stitches. Not today! It's Janome Week on Sew4Home, and all Janome machines have at least some decorative stitches, many of them have hundreds! Today's pillow project gives you three different decorative stitching options to try, and we've included three free template downloads to re-create our exact designs. There are random intersecting lines, which allow you to mix and match a variety of stitches. Our starburst showcases the option to program stitches, creating what appears to be individual dots. And finally, we give you the steps to stitch a spiral, using a padded satin stitch in variegated thread. It's all to encourage you to take advantage of your patiently-waiting decorative stitches... or maybe it's time to look for a new model with even more selection.


Janome Week: Out-Of-The-Box Basics: ID the Main Parts of a Sewing Machine

Monday, 22 April 2013 1:00

Sewing is an art. But is does rely on science and technology as well. And there's math with all those fractions and geometry. But most importantly... there's your machine. A good machine makes the difference – not only in the sewing experience but in the professional look of the finished project. Janome America is the exclusive sewing machine sponsor of Sew4Home and we love our studio Janomes. When you have a great machine, you can literally forget about it, and put your full concentration on the art of sewing. To borrow a line from Janome that explains this phenomenon: the easier the tools, the more creative you become. Janome machines are precise and reliable from the top of the line to the most basic entry level model. One of the very first articles we did on Sew4Home explained the parts of a basic sewing machine. We've decided to update that article today as the first day in Janome Week – for the benefit of all the new sewing enthusiasts out there. Plus, it never hurts for any of us to dust off our skills and knowledge. 



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