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Oh Baby! with Fabric.com: Pacifier Lanyard and Carrying Pouch

Friday, 19 October 2012 3:00

Babies like to suck on things, and today's orthodontically-correct pacifiers seem to be something the majority of us can agree on as little lifesavers... for both the baby and the parents. However, they also seem to be something that is never where you need it when you need it. Today, as part of our Fabric.com Oh! Baby series, we have two solutions: one) a lanyard that snaps onto the pacifier on one end and clips on to a baby's clothing, stroller or swing on the other end; and two) a cute little pouch that can hold two binkies (on their lanyards) with its own snap-on handle to attach the pouch to a diaper bag, stroller or wherever you might need to have it handy. I dub this pouch: "backup-binky-bag." Because... you can never have too many on hand. In fact, I still remember coming across an old cardigan in the back of a storage closet, years after my own kids were well beyond binkies – in the pocket, a spare pacifier!


Oh Baby! with Fabric.com: Splat Mat with a Carrying Case

Thursday, 18 October 2012 3:00

When you’re expecting for the first time, people line up to tell you all the wonderful things in store for you. Your head is swirling with visions of your loving, sweet-smelling bundle-of-joy-to-be. And, of course, it’s all true. However, rarely does anybody let you in on another truism: babies are messy. Really messy! For such tiny little things, they are able to produce an amazing amount of wet, sticky, slimy stuff... sometimes at high velocity. Protect your floors, rugs and more with our two-sided laminated splat mat. When not in use, it folds away into a handy carrying case, which means you can also tote it along to protect the spaces you are visiting with your little mess maker. Good thing they look so cute creating all this chaos!


Oh Baby! with Fabric.com: Knit Hats & Receiving Blankets

Wednesday, 17 October 2012 3:00

Cute receiving blankets and cute little hats... it's a classic combo that never ceases to delight a new mama and daddy. Because, let's face it, when it comes to cute hats... they're really designed for adults to look at! Put an adorable hat on an even more adorable baby, and every adult in the room will immediately oooohhhh and aaahhhh. The baby will likely be less-impressed, but for him/her, we have our super softee, bound knit blankies. A BIG thanks to Fabric.com for sponsoring the Oh Baby! series. It's thanks to great sponsors, like Fabric.com, that we are able to bring you our wonderful projects and tutorials and patterns! Today's hat project includes one of those dandy patterns. 


Oh Baby! with Fabric.com: Sewing with Knits

Tuesday, 16 October 2012 3:00

Although hugely popular in ready-to-wear and more, knit fabrics tend to have a bad reputation among home sewing enthusiasts. Poor little knits! All too often, that bad rap comes from false information, or a complete lack of knowledge about the category. We promised our knit friends we’d tell their story and help clear their names. To know knits is to love them! Plus, our current Oh Baby! series with Fabric.com uses a number of pretty knits, because soft knits and soft babies are a natural pair. 


Oh Baby! with Fabric.com: Snap-on Bib with a Pocket

Monday, 15 October 2012 3:00

It seems like any time we feature baby projects here on Sew4Home, they immediately rise to the top of everyone’s “must-do-now” lists. We think it’s because there are so many fun fabrics out there these days... especially at Fabric.com. You can choose everything from traditional bunnies and duckies, to bold graphics and colors, such as the modern prints we selected. There’s absorbent chenille on the bib’s back for protection against the twin terrors of fruit punch and mashed carrots, plus a special Cheerios® front pocket (sure... you can put anything you want in the pocket, but we all know it's really for Cheerios®). Download and print our pattern and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. You’ll have a bevy of bibs in no time. 


Renaissance Ribbons - Designer Barrel Tote

Friday, 12 October 2012 3:00

Jacquard ribbons are exquisitely woven, richly colored and simply beautiful. Today’s sponsor, Renaissance Ribbons is known throughout the industry for supplying some of the loveliest and most unique Jacquard ribbons available. A number of them are imported designs from France; many others are created by some of your favorite designers, such as Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria Horner and Sue Spargo. Designer ribbons are a wonderful way to instantly add intricate style to a project. Today’s unique barrel tote, with its detachable strap, uses them to their best advantage, adding just the right dash of drama. Don’t go overboard - too many ribbons is like too much whipped cream... sounds like a good idea at the time, then it smothers the taste of everything. Use them to accent not overwhelm. This bag would be considered an advanced project, but as always, we’ve included detailed step-by-step instructions and lots of helpful photos. Read through the tutorial a couple of times before you start, and we know you can do it! 


Make Fall Fabulous: Tablecloth Overlay with Cool Corners

Thursday, 11 October 2012 3:00

Today’s Re-imagine & Renovate project not only showcases a new fabric spin, it also features step-by-step notes to create a variation on the corner accent treatment, and it emphasizes a great idea from the original tutorial: two layers. A plain fringed underlay and a patterned flat overlay. By making the underlay from a neutral fabric (we used an off-white linen) in a simple fringed design, you can reuse it over and over with new overlays. It’s a fast way to change out the look to match the season or a holiday celebration. Plus, the narrower overlay can be made from standard width fabrics. We added a set of matching napkins in the accent fabric. 


Make Fall Fabulous: Shoulder Sling Sport Duffle

Wednesday, 10 October 2012 3:00

Do you have a team player in your house? Fall means football, soccer, cheer and more. Kids are hauling gear to practice... and maybe you're heading to the gym or yoga. Wherever the destination, our jumbo-size duffle holds everything you need and looks cool doin' it. This project debuted as a beach bag in our Weekend Wonders series with Fabric.com where it was a huge hit. The inside is lined with water resistant PUL - originally great for wet beach towels and suits, but it's just as nice to protect against grass-clumped soccer shoes and damp workout clothes.


How to Install Metal Grommets

Tuesday, 09 October 2012 3:00

Sometimes, you cross something off your "give-it-a-go" list simply because it looks too hard. But once you give it a try, maybe with someone’s help the first time out, you often discover it wasn’t at all as hard as you thought! Such is the case with the phobia many sewers have when it comes to inserting metal grommets. Since these are usually installed with large machines or grommet presses in commercial production, people think they can’t replicate the look at home. It's one of those sewing applications many simply refuse to attempt. Whether it’s the actual installation process, getting the spacing just right, cutting the holes in the fabric to the exact size, or all of the above, we're here to prove you can do this by yourself. We’ve installed a grommet or two here in the Sew4Home studios and will share with you all we learned. Besides... getting to use a hammer in the sewing process can be very therapeutic!

Make Fall Fabulous: Fun Fur Pull-Thru Scarf & Matching Gloves

Monday, 08 October 2012 3:00

When we debuted this project pair last winter, we chose a luxurious and very realistic faux fur. This season, we decided to go playful, using vibrant fun fur in a super-lush shag pile. Brights are back for Fall, and we easily found ready-to-wear gloves in all kinds of great candy colors, like the Caribbean turquoise of our sample as well as lime sherbet, hot pink and soda poppin' orange to name just a few. They look marvelous against winter white and are a fun way to add a splash of color when Mother Nature is starting to pull out her gloomy, gray days. This easy set of accessories would be a wonderful gift for all your girlfriends... then you can go out shopping together like a big box of fluffy crayons.



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