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Understanding Understitching

Tuesday, 20 March 2012 9:00

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If you are new to sewing, some of the terminology can be confusing. Doesn't "bolt" mean to run away? Cutting something on the "bias" just sounds mean. And, "feed dogs" seems more like a command than a sewing machine part. Trying to understand the various terms, exactly what they mean, how they work, and especially when to use them may seem daunting. But, as you learn each one, they'll become commonplace, and soon "nap" will mean more than dropping off for a little snooze. Today, we meet: understitching, which is not a seam done in a sneaky or under-handed manner and/or by Underdog. Read on to find out what it really is.

Spring Flower Pins

Monday, 19 March 2012 9:00

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As a little girl, I liked to watch my mother get dressed up to go someplace special. On the top shelf of her closet, she kept a round, paper-covered hatbox. Inside were a half dozen lovely millinery-quality flower pins, each carefully wrapped in tissue. The finishing touch was pinning a flower to her dress or the lapel of her jacket. My favorite was a big rose-colored peony flower made of woven fabric with several pale green, ribbon-wrapped stems.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Celebrate by wearing a flower on your jacket, in your hair, or pin one to your bag. Not only are they trendy, they brighten your day and help turn winter into spring.

ScrapBusters: Baby's Sleeping Door Hanger

Friday, 16 March 2012 9:00

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Remember those "Baby on Board" placards that used to be so popular? They spawned an entire line of bizarre copycats; I remember seeing everything from "Mother-in-Law on Board" to "Alien on Board"! The original baby idea as a warning sign was a good one, and is similar to today's ScrapBusters project. When baby is finally asleep, gently shut the nursery door, then slip this sweet door hanger over the knob to warn the rest of your noisy family it's time to tip-toe because, "Baby's Sleeping!" This project is fast and easy to make and uses just a few tiny bits of fabric, batting and trim. It would make a wonderful shower gift.


Heather Jones' Wonky Block Modern Quilting Project

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 9:00

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The world of Modern Quilting is a "wonky" world. If something is "wonky" it means angles, sides and points are not necessarily straight and true. For years, "wonky" was the worst thing your quilt could be. It meant all those carefully cut squares and triangles and strips were not precise. But like coloring outside the lines, this imperfection is what gives a modern quilt its free-form creativity. "Cut until it fits" is a mantra followed by many a modern quilter. One of our favorite modern quilters is Heather Jones, who was our guest yesterday with a tutorial on Straight Line Quilting. Today, Heather's back with a Guest Project from the wonky world: the wonky log cabin block. Take it away, Heather!


Guest Tutorial With Heather Jones: Straight Line Quilting

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 9:00

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One of the very first people we profiled in our Creative People We Love series was Ms. Heather Jones. Ours is a long lasting love! When we originally met Heather, we knew her as the beauty and brains behind Olive & Ollie, a site specializing in some of the most adorable children's clothing we'd ever seen. And although O&O is still a creative outlet for Heather, most recently, she has been making quite a name for herself in the world of Modern Quilting: winning numerous contests, getting ready to debut her own line of Modern Quilting patterns, becoming a member of the Riley Blake Design Team, and just last week, doing another guest appearance on Quilting Arts TV. We feel very, very special and lucky that Heather found the time to create today's awesome Guest Tutorial on one of her specialties: Straight Line Quilting. Enjoy... and be watching this woman; there are certainly more amazing things to come!

A Complete Step-by-Step For Binding Quilts & Throws

Monday, 05 March 2012 9:00

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We use binding on many projects here at Sew4Home, and we always get lots of compliments about how nice it looks. We also get lots of questions about how we managed to pull that off! So, we decided to write a comprehensive binding tutorial you can refer to over and over. We cover how to cut your binding fabric, which way to press it, how to join it at the ends, and how to actually sew it to your project. If you're an "old hand" at the binding biz, this will be a nice refresher. If you're brand new, we encourage you to take each part of the process step by step. Before you know it, you'll be an "old hand" too.

Are You Stitching & Clipping Corners Correctly?

Thursday, 01 March 2012 9:00

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One of the common areas of sewing frustration, especially if you're new, is the corner. Those pesky four corners create any square or rectangular item, like the home décor standard: the pillow! In reality, any time you sew two pieces together then turn them right side out, that turned-out seam becomes the clean, finished edge you ( and everyone else) will see. The number one goal when sewing a corner is to be precise. You must stop and pivot at the exact point where the seam allowances on the two sides intersect. This precision stitching, when combined with proper trimming of the excess fabric from the seam allowance, will create a beautiful sharp point and smooth edge every time.

Love That Fabric: Hello Luscious! by BasicGrey for Moda

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 9:00

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We were all instantly charmed by this truly gorgeous and stylish collection. We received a layer cake to review and had so much fun mixing the prints for seemingly endless variations and always-beautiful results. We had idea after idea for what we could make with this fabric. From quilts and throws, to pillows and apparel for girls of any age, to aprons, adorable summer bags and totes... see for yourself.

Twin Duvet Cover & Bed Skirt from Moda Toweling

Monday, 27 February 2012 9:00

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We recently ran a Great Giveaway in which we asked our S4H friends and fans to come up with unique ways to use Moda's toweling: 16" wide, pre-hemmed panels in 100% cotton. There were some really fun ideas from kitchen linens to totes to garments, and it got our own wheels turning. We pushed our thinking out of the box and dreamed BIG. What if we looked at the toweling as long finished panels rather than little, bitty cuts? Bingo! We designed a twin duvet cover and bed skirt combo that makes full use of those wonderful pre-hemmed sides. If you're a regular visitor to Sew4Home you might be surprised by our all-natural color theme. We needed the neutral palette so the duvet and skirt could act as a backdrop for piles of pillows and stacks of throws as we got my home studio ready for a photo shoot with Where Women Create magazine!



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