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Happy Mother's Day: Market Tote With Ruffly Ribbon Handles & Ties

Monday, 25 April 2011 9:00

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It's April 25th... do you know where your Mother's Day present is?? No worries if you don't. Sew4Home has you covered with four fast, easy and very pretty projects for your mommy. Today, we start it off with our Market Tote. It's a simple lined, box-bottom bag, featuring fun double-ruffle ribbon accents. But there's nothing simple about the result – it's a truly beautiful bag that Mom (or sis or auntie or grandma or....) will love.


Honor Earth Day by Reusing Old Clothing

Friday, 22 April 2011 9:00

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Spring is the best time to empty our closets of clothing we'll never (or shouldn't) wear again. Some of it can be donated or even sold, but what about the pieces that are flawed or frayed? Don't be too quick to toss these items into the trash. Instead salvage usable fabric, buttons, and zippers. Even thrift stores cut the buttons off of unusable clothing and sell them. Read on for some reuse ideas and how we took four men's shirts with various resale deal-breaker flaws and made an simply sweet baby quilt.

Love That Fabric: April 2011

Tuesday, 19 April 2011 9:00

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As weather warms, vintage and retro fabrics are at their most appealing. This month we feature two collections with very different styles, yet both with a nostalgic feel. Cherry Fizz is a charming 50's soda shop collection, while Flower Market is collection of sun-drenched watercolor roses, peonies and fresh cut daisies, market ready and oh-so irresistible.

Message Central Pinboards: Large & Wrapped or Small & Framed

Monday, 18 April 2011 9:00

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"Where did I put that...?!?" You fill in the blank with any of the myriad of items that seem to go missing on any given day. Sew4Home friends and fans seem to never get enough of our clever storage solutions, so we have a new one for you: pinboards with pockets! We've created a companion set. One is large (a full 24" x 48") and simply wrapped; the other is smaller (16" x 20"), beautifully framed and finished with a decorative hanging bow. Both designs feature the wonderful new Silent Cinema fabric collection by Jenean Morrison for Free Spirit Fabrics. And, here's the best part... well, maybe not the best part - the best part is probably the beautiful Silent Cinema fabric, but equally cool: these are super-duper lightweight and easy to handle and hang, because the inside is construction-grade rigid insulation foam board.

Floating On A Cloud Minky & Cotton Pillows

Friday, 08 April 2011 9:00

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Out here in the Northwest, we know our clouds. Just as they say the Eskimos have dozens of words to describe snow, I think we have just as many to describe clouds and the rain that often descends from them. Today, we've ignored those water-logged centers and chosen our favorite fluffy white clouds... the ones you found shapes in as a child, lying on your back in the summer grass. "There's a chariot pulled by four white horses!" "I see a tumbling bear!" "Look, an ice cream cone!" Our clouds are made of super-soft Minky Eyelash on the front and pure cool silver cotton on the back... a silver lining, I guess. We provide our own cloud drawing as a guide, but feel free to make one in the shape of a tumbling bear.

Free Spirit Artist Trio: Guest Tutorial in Silent Cinema From Jenean Morrison

Thursday, 07 April 2011 9:00

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This year, we have a new series we've started with our friends at Free Spirit Fabrics. We call it: Artist Trios. In the coming months, you'll get the chance to 1) meet some fabulous Free Spirit designers, 2) try out a special project each will create just for Sew4Home, and 3) maybe win some of their gorgeous fabrics. Easy and fun as 1-2-3. Earlier this week, we introduced you to our debut Artist, Jenean Morrison. Today, she shares her original patchwork pillow pattern.

Lil Softee Pal: Chocolate Bunny

Wednesday, 06 April 2011 9:00

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This plush little Chocolate Bunny is a long-lasting alternative to his candy kin. With all the jelly bean eggs, Peeps and other sugar-coma-inducing treats in the average Easter basket, a sugar-free huggable rabbit certainly has its place. Plus, no more dilemma over whether to eat the ears or tail first! These Lil Softees are quick and easy to make, and Minky Double-Sided Cuddle Fleece is so forgiving, even a beginner can turn out a bunny that will hop into the basket looking like star.

Free Spirit Artist Trio: An Interview with Fabric Designer, Jenean Morrison

Tuesday, 05 April 2011 9:00

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There are people I meet who are sweet. Others who I'd describe as nice. And those I put in the creative column. But, every so often, I stumble upon someone who is sweet and nice and creative. Meet, Jenean Morrison: terribly talented and terrifically personable, she has been a joy to work with since our first conversation. We'd admired her previous collections for Free Spirit Fabrics: Moondance, Picnic Parade and California Dreamin', and so were thrilled when Free Spirit suggested Jenean and her new Silent Cinema collection as the focus of our first Artist Trio Series with them. Today, you'll get to meet Jenean and find out a little bit about the brains behind the beauty. Later this week, she has a Guest Tutorial for you. Then, later this month, our friends at Free Spirit will sponsor a Great Giveaway with some Silent Cinema fabric plus a mystery Free Spirit Grab Bag.

Lil Softee Pal: Cotton Candy Kitty

Monday, 04 April 2011 9:00

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Plush little Cotton Candy Kitty is just as sweet as a package of peeps without all the sugar and way less sticky. This is a fast and easy project even for the beginner. We found the Minky Double-Sided Cuddle Fleece surprisingly easy to work with. It's very forgiving and a third of a yard is enough to make three little kittens. Do you think the Easter Bunny feels threatened by the Easter Kitty?

Gypsy Romance: Boho Shoulder Bag

Monday, 28 March 2011 9:00

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What are gypsies often known for? Traveling. And what do you need for traveling? A beautiful bag. Our soft and slouchy boho bag blends seven different fabric designs into the ultimate dramatic statement: color, pattern and texture combine from all sides. Lightweight batting between layers keeps keeps the shape without losing the cush. And a row of perky pom poms along the top edge marks this as one super creative carry-all.



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