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Sewing Successful Curves

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 3:00

In home décor sewing, there are lots of squares and rectangles. Pillows, placemats, curtain panels... nice flat shapes with plenty of good ol' right angles. But, if life didn't throw us a few curves, it wouldn't be a very interesting journey now would it?! Tomorrow, as part of the Michael Miller Cotton Couture Color Block series, we'll show you how to make a bolster. Bolsters, my S4H friends, have curves. You may feel a little apprehensive about learning to sew curves, thinking you’re happy with all things square. But learning to bend those right angles is a necessary part of sewing, and opens up new, fun possibilities. With our help, it's easy to do too! 


Michael Miller Cotton Couture: Triangle Color Block Table Runner

Monday, 11 June 2012 3:00

It's everywhere this season! Color Block is the trend in home décor as well as fashion. It has a cool 60s vibe in a bold, modern style, and no prints need apply. This is all about solid, saturated color, which is why it's the perfect design theme for our newest S4H series, featuring Michael Miller Fabric's Cotton Couture collection: 90 solids in 100% quality cotton. For most of history, cotton has been a luxury fabric, something worth hauling by caravan out of the middle east and all the way to Europe. For some manufacturers, like Michael Miller, cotton is still a luxury fabric. From selecting the cotton variety to processing to dyeing, their goal isn't to make the least expensive fabric possible, but the best. We have five beautiful projects in our Cotton Couture series, including today's colorful table runner, four helpful technique tutorials to make those projects go faster and easier, and an amazing Great Giveaway, courtesy of Michael Miller.


DIY Wedding Sparkle with Artistic Crystals: Ring Bearer's Pillow

Friday, 08 June 2012 3:00

It's the last day of our wedding wonders, and we hope we've provided you with a bouquet of inspiration to add a bit of sparkle to your world. Whether you're making projects for you own wedding or considering a home-based wedding accessories business, we think you'll be impressed with the Artistic integrated system of crystals, software, cutters and presses. As we've mentioned along the way, we approached this series challenge with a bit of trepidation, wondering if Artistic was merely As Seen on TV's "BeDazzler" gone digital. Far from it! This is sophisticated software with a myriad of possibilities, from elegant to whimsical. Today's gorgeous ring bearer's pillow is an excellent example of how you can use the system to combine machine embroidery and crystals. The result is an intricate composite design of heirloom quality.


DIY Wedding Sparkle with Artistic Crystals: Bridesmaid Clutch with Crystal Initial

Thursday, 07 June 2012 3:00

It's one of the hottest trends out there right now: matching clutches for the wedding party. Just the right size to carry a few important items to the wedding and reception, many brides are also using these little purses to hold special wedding day gifts for their girlfriends. We even saw some chatter out there about brides who've skipped traditional bridesmaid bouquets, choosing instead to put real or silk flowers on coordinated clutches and have the girls carry these down the aisle. The pictures we saw of wedding parties going with this new tradition were just adorable. A Google search on 'Bridesmaid Clutches' will bring up hundreds and hundreds of hits. We chose a simple envelope clutch design we've used before here on S4H. The "bling" is an embroidered initial outlined in crystals on the outside of each clutch, using the Artistic integrated system of crystals, software, cutters and presses. In this way, all the purses can match the bride's color scheme, yet each one will be easily identifiable by its owner.


DIY Wedding Sparkle with Artistic Crystals: Tabletop Gift or Birdseed Boxes

Wednesday, 06 June 2012 3:00

Who says elegant can't also be adorable?! These tiny paper gift boxes are a beautiful addition to wedding tabletop décor. Set one at each place, then fill it with groom's cake, candies or birdseed for the honeymoon send off. Today's project in our DIY Wedding Sparkle series is designed to show you how the Artistic integrated system of crystals, software, cutters and presses has uses beyond fabric. 


DIY Wedding Sparkle with Artistic Crystals: Napkin Wraps

Tuesday, 05 June 2012 3:00

How to set a beautiful table without breaking the bank is always a wedding challenge. Our "tie the knot" napkin wraps give plain (aka - inexpensive) linens and flatware the perfect dash of glittering style. They are super fast and easy, in part because we show you some clever cutting and stitching tricks to set-up for "assembly line" sewing. You can make 48 wraps from just 1½ yards of fabric! The Artistic integrated system of crystals, software, cutters and presses is a perfect match for projects-in-multiples. Once you make one template, you can use it over and over to create an identical design on each wrap. An Etsy seller, for example, could create several generic designs, such as our little heart outline, then let the bride choose between one of these stock designs or a custom monogram. She could also specify the two fabric colors and the ribbon color to match her wedding theme.  


DIY Wedding Sparkle with Artistic Crystals: Candle Wraps in Lace & Crystals

Monday, 04 June 2012 3:00

The sparkling continues this week as we roll out five more projects that feature the Artistic integrated system of crystals, software, cutters and presses. If you've been following the series so far, you know we designed it with creative entrepreneurs in mind. This is a system you could easily use to make and sell projects as a home-based wedding accessories business. The options available for customized wedding gifts, accessories and reception coordinates grows every day. Table decor is especially popular, which is why put these lovely centerpiece candle vases on our list. Thanks to their super tough adhesive, crystals can be adhered on almost any fabric or paper surface... even lace! We started with simple cylindrical vases from the Dollar Store and ended up with vintage style stunners that will set the entire table aglow.


DIY Wedding Sparkle with Artistic Crystals: Bride & Entourage Dazzle Tees

Friday, 01 June 2012 3:00

As you may have noticed within the S4H pages this week, we have something a bit different from our regular beautiful and inspiring projects. We've put together an entire series with creative entrepreneurs in mind. We certainly hope you still find the projects beautiful and inspirational, but they are also designed to be jumping off points for items you could make for yourself or make and sell as a home-based wedding accessories business, using the Artistic integrated system of crystals, software, cutters and presses. Today: Dazzle Tees. These are perfect for the Bride and her entire Entourage to wear to showers, bachelorette parties, spa days or any other occasions where the wedding party is traveling together. We spied a number of similar garments during our research of best-sellers in the world of weddings. These are even prettier... and they're personalized!


Quick Tip: How To Prevent Thread Tangles in Hand Sewing

Thursday, 31 May 2012 3:00

This week and next, we're focusing on wedding projects, which often call for hand sewing. But, no matter what kind of sewing you like to do, there are times you must use a hand needle and thread. It can be for something simple, such as sewing on a button, stitching an opening closed or tacking a strap in place. Or, you can move up the hand-sewing food chain to beautifully intricate techniques, like hand embroidery or hand quilting. Learn our favorite tips to help eliminate knots and tangles, and keep those stitches flowing smoothly.

DIY Wedding Sparkle with Artistic Crystals: Bejeweled Buttons

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 3:00


Beautiful buttons down the back are one of the most popular accents for wedding gowns. After all, it's the back of the dress the audience is looking at throughout the ceremony! By adding crystals to a simple covered button, you create instant dramatic flair. We show you ours as a feature strip on a sheer over-the-shoulder capelet, but they'd be also be beautiful as a featured top and/or bottom button on the gown itself. And they'd be striking as matching accents on the groom's and groomsmen's vests. Or, go beyond the world of weddings; these bejeweled buttons would fly off the virtual shelf as all-occasion fashion accessories.



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