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Coupon Clipper Wallet: Weekend Wonders Returns with

Thursday, 03 October 2013 1:00

I'm a little behind the curve when it comes to reality TV. It was only a short time ago I learned exactly what a "Honey Boo Boo" was. Yikes! I also recently discovered a new competitive sport of which I had no previous knowledge: Extreme Couponing, which must be what Extreme Skateboarders do on their day off. Although far from extreme, I am a coupon clipper; I even keep the ones that spit out like some sort of crazy jackpot with my grocery receipt. They all end up in a kitchen drawer, which is usually where they are when I really need them. If I do manage to remember to bring them to the store, it's so hard to find the one I need, I often just give up. For Weekend Wonders Returns with, our solution is a pretty Coupon Wallet. It has seven pockets so you sort coupons, frequent shopper and/or reward punch cards, gift cards, and more into specific sections. Now they will be easy to find, and therefore, easy to use. Never pay full price again!


Roomy Zippered Weekender Pouch with Darts: Weekend Wonders Returns with

Wednesday, 02 October 2013 1:00

Today's pretty pouch is the third member of our Weekender Travel Trio in the perfect fall fabric trio of twill, faux suede and brushed cotton gingham. Darts in the bottom give the pouch a roomy base, and the zippered top opens wide so you can really load it up with all the extras you need for a getaway. All three of our Weekender projects go so well together, they really need to travel as a set. Make one set for yourself and another for your weekend adventure pal... 'cause what's a road trip without your bestie?! The faux suede stripe through the middle adds to both style and texture and is the perfect background for our snazzy monogram.


Rip Stop Grocery Bags: Weekend Wonders Returns with

Tuesday, 01 October 2013 1:00

I want my grocery bags to work as hard as I do. That means I should be able throw whatever I need into them without worrying. When we decided to do a grocery bag project for the Weekend Wonders Returns series with, we not only wanted a great quick and easy design, we also wanted something different than we'd done before. How could we could improve an existing design or put a new spin on a classic style? We loved the idea of having the bags stow away in a tiny pouch so you could toss them into a regular tote or keep them in the glove box of your car, and always have bags at the ready when you're out. In order for something to fold away that small, you need a lightweight fabric. But lightweight can also translate into not-very-durable. What was the toughest, thinnest material we could think of? Rip stop nylon! With their incredible variety of substrates, of course carries rip stop nylon in lots of fun colors - there's even two camo options! We came up with a pretty design using our signature monogram to give you a mix-and-match pair that folds down into a 5" x 7" drawstring pouch. Pull them out and they're tough enough to take on the biggest weekend chores.


Ribbon & Faux Suede Wrist Loop Key Fobs: Weekend Wonders Returns with

Monday, 30 September 2013 1:00

In our digital-everything world, one thing remains stubbornly analog: the key. Oh sure, you might have a fancy digital key pad on your car door or office building entry, but the majority of things you need to secure still use a lock and key. So we all still have keys to keep track of... lots of them. With the holidays coming up, today's project in our Weekend Wonders Returns series with focuses on a great gift idea: wrist loop key fobs. You can make a whole batch at a time while still personalizing each one. We even added a pretty monogrammed tag, using the free embroidery download that is part of this series. The back of our set of six is a beautiful, super soft faux suede. The fronts are customized with beautiful Jacquard ribbons by Renaissance Ribbons from There are so many Renaissance Ribbons designs to pick from, and Fabric. com carries an amazing selection. You'll find something for everyone on your gift list, including options from many of your favorite designers, like Amy Butler, Dena Designs, Laura Foster and Anna Maria Horner. From whimsical Tiny Cakes to elegant Decorative Keys (appropriate for a key fob dontcha think?), each one you make is a mini work of art. Our instructions are sized for ⅞" ribbons, but it would be super easy to reduce or expand the width.


Monogrammed Weekender Key Ring Pouch: Weekend Wonders Returns with

Friday, 27 September 2013 1:00

Today's Weekend Wonder is made for the busy weekend warrior who wants to travel light. At just 5" x 3½", this little zippered key pouch fits your keys, cash and cards. It's the second project in our trio of matching travel storables, featuring the fab fabric trio of: natural twill, soft faux suede and pretty home décor gingham. There's a handy strap so you can carry it over your wrist or simply grab it off the counter as you run out the door to your next weekend adventure. When my teenage daughter saw this, she immediately snatched it up... even though I was in the middle of a photo session. "This is perfect," she said, "Sometimes I just don't want to carry anything but my keys... and maybe my phone... and maybe a couple bucks. Can I have this when you're done?!" And there you have option number two: a great gift idea. You could even tuck in a few dollars or a gift card to sweeten the deal. Fun and flexible, and of course, a classic monogram says it's yours.


Extra Large Tissue Box Cover: Weekend Wonders Returns with

Thursday, 26 September 2013 1:00

Fall weekends are not all golden leaves and apple cider. The season also comes knocking on our doors with cooler nights, darker mornings, and the least-welcome harbinger: the head cold. Don't let it sneak up on you without a fashion solution; be prepared with a pretty tissue box cover to help distract you from the sneezing. We did a nursery project awhile back that included a cover for a small square box of tissues, which was the first time we came up with the idea of using a Dritz® Home grommet for the tissue pop-up point. We're back today, as part of our Weekend Wonders Returns series, with a project for a more standard rectangular box of tissues. We give you the steps and formulas to figure the dimensions for your specific box. The Bekko fabric from Michael Miller Fabrics, with its bright white and copper geometric design is a real eye catcher, but also grabbing your attention are the beautiful ribbon accents. We used ribbon from the new Parson Gray collection by today's co-sponsor: Renaissance Ribbons.


Water Bottle Sling: Weekend Wonders Returns with

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 1:00

The Northwest is a walking, running and biking mecca. We love to get out and about, even in the drizzle for which we are famous. But I must admit, when I see these people clutching a water bottles, it seems rather uncomfortable. There are so many other things to do with your hands: carry a pair of binoculars, hold a loved one's hand, push a stroller, grab a cup of coffee. Weekend Wonders with has the answer: our easy-to-make, shoulder sling water bottle carrier. The inside is lined with cozy fleece for a bit of hot/cold protection and to help absorb condensation. The shoulder strap is super long so you can wear it cross-body: keep it at hand when you need it; sweep it out of the way when you don't. We also added a tiny pocket on the front, fussy cut to be nearly invisible, and just big enough for some cards, cash and keys, giving you a great all-on-one carrier. 


Stylish Monogrammed Weekender Tote: Weekend Wonders Returns with

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 1:00

I love today's weekender tote because it combines some of my favorite types of fabrics: natural, nubby twill, soft faux suede, and happy gingham for a pop of color and pattern. As part of our Weekend Wonders Returns series with, today's tote is the first of a trio of travel storables in this fantastic blend of fabrics. It has the perfect soft feel, which also makes it extremely packable. Not so soft and slouchy that it puddles on the floor, but also not so stiff that it seems to stand at attention if you set it down. Fill it up for a weekend getaway. Take it with you on your weekend shopping excursions. Or use it to carry your sewing and craft projects. One of the things we love about shopping at is the ability to choose from so many kinds of fabric: from crisp cotton to cuddly fleece, wipe-clean laminates to dress-me-up silks.


Colorful, Zippered Pencil Cases: Weekend Wonders Returns with

Monday, 23 September 2013 1:00

It's the Return of Weekend Wonders with Our first WW series was over a year ago, but it has remained as one of the favorite sources of inspiration sponsored by our friends at These are great projects you can whip out in a weekend, and this time around, they're also great projects to use on your weekend. Like today's zippered pouches. We call them pencil cases, but they're really anything-little-thing-you-can-fit-inside-them cases. The zipper opens up wide through the middle to corral all sorts of items. Use one as the perfect little makeup bag, an on-the-go toddler kit with snacks and wipes, an essentials pouch to toss in your gym bag, and of course they make a super awesome pencil case. 


Looking Good From The Inside Out: A Seam Finishes Re-cap

Friday, 20 September 2013 1:00

"Give us the tools and we will finish the job." Winston Churchill. One of the signs of a truly well-made project is that it looks nearly as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Finishing a project's inside raw edges will not only elevate the final appearance, it will also elevate your sewing skills to a new level. In general, the purpose of any seam finish is to prevent fray-prone fabrics from raveling beyond the seam, leaving a hole in your sewn project. It also helps to reduce bulk on certain fabrics, like fleece. And, finishing stitches always provide added strength to a seam and the fabric edge. However, it's often just about the look, and most professionals recommend you even finish fabrics that don’t appear to require it.


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