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Quilt Basics - Piecing Quilt Blocks by Machine Part 4A of 5

Wednesday, 20 March 2013 1:00

In quilting, there are special techniques used to sew patchwork pieces into blocks, then assemble those blocks into a quilt. The precise execution of these techniques is paramount to a beautifully finished quilt. It's similar to putting together a puzzle; each piece has to fit perfectly in order for the larger picture to come into view. As we go through the specific piecing techniques, don’t be surprised to find you can apply many of them to other areas of sewing! This is part Four of our Five-part Quilting Basics series. If you haven't already, we do recommend you read parts One through Three prior to launching into today's tutorial. You'll find the related links listed at the bottom of the page. To keep these instructions to an manageable size, we've broken this Part into two sub-parts. And just like a good television soap opera, we're sure you'll be on the edge of your seat, waiting for tomorrow's installment! 


Pleated & Pressed Linen Table Runner

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 1:00

Yesterday, we introduced you to a new, favorite tool in our sewing studio: the Oliso® TG1050 Smart Iron with iTouch® TechnologyBelieve it or not, we actually had fun ironing (read our full review here)! Today, we're putting the iron to a real test with a pleated table runner in a solid-color washed linen. There's plenty o' pressing in this project, but having a great iron made it fast and easy. The beauty of the runner is in the texture of the pleated squares side by side with the plain squares. It looks best in a solid, which really shows off the definition. Plus - we show you a fun way to create pretty mitered corners without using a separate binding strip. Our "binding" is actually the folded over edges of the back panel - binding and back all in one!


A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com: Floral Wedding Gown Sash

Thursday, 14 March 2013 1:00

Another top trend we came across in our research for the Rustic Wedding series with Fabric.com was the bridal gown sash. We found these talked about in articles as well as for sale on a variety of sites, from high-end bridal specialty boutiques to Etsy. The going price was $200-$600 and up! With a few small cuts of luxury fabrics, such as lace, tulle, satin and organza, along with some beautiful pearl or crystal beads, you can create your own custom wedding sash for much, much less. Plus, it will be perfect for your look, your color, your wedding. The flowers on our wedding sash are based on a number of tutorials we've run previously on S4H. The key to creating a beautiful look, such as you see on our sample, is to really experiment with color, texture and the placement of the flowers, beads and other embellishments.


A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com: Fabric Boutonnieres

Wednesday, 13 March 2013 1:15

Today in our Rustic Wedding series with Fabric.com, we move from decorating the wedding environment to decorating the wedding party. Several trends are showing more color for the groom and the groomsmen. Many couples are moving away from the traditional tuxedo towards more casual suit options, and they're injecting other tones besides black and white. Traditional or modern, the classic boutonniere is still the ultimate way to bring a wedding's theme colors onto the groom's side of the aisle. 


A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com: Flower Girl Basket (& More!)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 1:00

I was never a flower girl. This will go down on my List o' Lifetime Regrets right alongside never tap dancing on Broadway and giving away my original Midge® and Skipper® dolls to the little girl up the street rather than saving them in mint condition to sell on eBay for hundreds of dollars! Putting my bitterness behind me, we've come up with a beautiful flower girl basket as part of our Rustic Wedding series with Fabric.com. Our design combines five very different fabrics for an awesome blend of color, weight and texture: a rich cotton blend on the outside in a cool ikat style polka dot, a vintage style ticking on the inside, a great tulle ruffle around the top, a ruched taffeta for the handle, and a pretty rolled accent rose on both the front and back in silk dupioni silk with burlap leaves.


A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com: Bridesmaid Clutch with Tattered Rose

Monday, 11 March 2013 1:00

Bridesmaids' gowns get a bad rap (see the movie, 27 Dresses for the hysterical proof)! Many of us have a frightening ensemble or two stuffed in the back of our own closets. Overall, wedding styles are evolving in wonderful new (non-closet-hiding) directions, and accessory trends are in the forefront. One of the latest and cutest articles in bridesmaid attire is a coordinated clutch for all the ladies in the wedding party, which we roll-out today, kicking off Week #2 of A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com. Bridesmaid dresses rarely have any pockets; there's no where to tuck an emergency tube of lipstick or a tissue for those romantic moments. So, a small clutch a certainly functional idea, but it's also a beautiful gift for the bride to bestow on her girlfriends, possibly with a little something extra tucked inside. Not just for weddings, these clutches are perfect for all kinds of special occasions.


A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com: Woven Ribbon Ring Bearer's Pillow

Friday, 08 March 2013 1:00

In Ancient Egypt, pillows were a sign of wealth and prestige and were often used to carry ornamental items, such as precious jewels. The amount of money a family had determined the number of jewel-covered pillows on display. Similarly, the Romans used pillows to present precious items to the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony. A page would be selected to bring in pillows laden with gifts during the ceremony. Royal families would present the couple with crowns brought in on a pillow. Today, the pillow continues as the traditional way to transport wedding rings down the aisle, usually in the shaky hands of the bride's or groom's youngest male relative. Our Rustic Wedding version is made from intricately woven ribbons.


A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com: Flower Garland

Thursday, 07 March 2013 1:00

What's the Rustic Wedding's answer to the crepe paper streamer? A beautiful and unique garland! While researching the top wedding trends for this series, one of the items that came up again and again was the use of garlands as a decorating component. We saw them as hanging elements, as table decorations, even as accessories on wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Our garland is what we'd call a "Low-Sew" project. There's just a little bit of hand sewing involved. We've created a cut flower on a string treatment, using a fabric die-cutting machine. There are many cutters out there on the market; we chose the Sizzix Big Shotto test for our series. Originally developed for the card-making and scrapbooking industry, die cutters made their way into the world of fabric over the last several years. The Sizzix brandis very popular as is the Slice Digital Die Cutter and the AccuQuilt GO


A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com: Sewing with Specialty Fabrics

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 1:00

The Fabric.com Rustic Wedding series is all about an amazing blend of unique and stunning fabric substrates. However, working with these specialty fabrics does require a little special handling; they aren't always as user-friendly as good ol' cotton. We picked the most common categories and provided some tips and techniques to make preparing, cutting and sewing with them easier, faster and and frustration-free. 


A Rustic Wedding with Fabric.com: Two-Tone Burlap Table Runner

Tuesday, 05 March 2013 1:00

The most popular fabric for the Rustic Wedding is burlap. Believe it or not, this coarse fabric, more traditionally known for bagging coffee beans than bedecking wedding finery, is the hottest ticket out there when it comes to adding trendy texture. Part of the reason behind this is how many options there are in burlaps today. Both in density (the coarseness of the weave) as well as color. Yep. Burlap is not just brown anymore. We've come up with a beautiful design for a simple wedding table runner made of two layers of burlap highlighted with a splash of luxurious silk. Burlap, like many of the specialty fabrics we're featuring in this series, comes in wide widths. The burlaps we chose to work with from Fabric.com ranged from 47" to 60" wide with the most common width being 58". This means you can get a number of strips from each yardage cut.



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