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Lil Softee Pal: Cotton Candy Kitty

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Plush little Cotton Candy Kitty is just as sweet as a package of peeps without all the sugar and way less sticky. This is a fast and easy project even for the beginner. We found the Minky Cuddle Fleece surprisingly easy to work with. Ours was double-sided, but single-sided would work as well.  The fleece is very forgiving and a third of a yard is enough to make three little kittens. Do you think the Easter Bunny feels threatened by the Easter Kitty?

Fabric.com offers a great selection of Minky Cuddle Fleece in a variety of colors.  

Sewing Tools You Need

Fabric and Other Supplies

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  • yard of 54"+ Minky Cuddle Fabric in Pink. This deliciously soft fabric is enough to make three little kittens.
  • Scrap of printed cotton quilting weight fabric for ears
  • All-purpose polyester sewing thread in pink
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing needle
  • Fiberfill: we used Fairfield Soft Touch® Poly-fil Supreme
  • Chopstick or similar to push Poly-fil into position
  • Embroidery floss
    NOTE: We used pink for both the nose and mouth. You may also prefer to embroider the eyes for children too young for button eyes.
  • Embroidery needle
  • Buttons for eyes (optional and not appropriate for toddlers or younger)
  • 1 yard of ½" ribbon for bow at neck

    Getting Started

    1. Download and print both of the 8½" x 11" pattern sheets using standard weight paper: Kitty Body Template and Kitty Ears and Tail Template. Note: the Kitty Body pattern piece is labeled Bunny Body. That's a typo, ignore it – the pattern itself is correct.
      IMPORTANT: You must print these PDF files at 100%. DO NOT SCALE to fit the page.
    2. Cut TWO 8½" x 11" pieces of the Minky for the body. If you look at the Minky, you will see that one side is slightly fluffier than the other and should be considered the right side. Treat Minky like any napped fabric and place all patterns in one direction.
    3. Press your cotton fabric scraps prior to use. Minky should NOT be pressed.

      At Your Sewing Machine

      NOTE: Minky is fluffy and a bit slippery. We found it easier to sew the Minky right through the pattern paper using the seam line as a stitching guide. When you finish sewing, gently tear the paper away from the seam. If you prefer not to do it this way, you can out the Kitty Body pattern adding a ¼" seam allowance all around.

      Make Kitty Tail

      1. Cut out the Kitty Tail pattern piece. Place two pieces of Minky, just slightly larger than the pattern piece, right sides together. Pin the pattern piece to the layers of Minky. Sew from the base of the tail around the tip and back to the base. DO NOT sew the base shut. Trim along the pattern cut line.
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      2. Gently tear off the pattern.
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      3. Turn the tail right side out.

      Make Kitty Ears

      1. Cut out the two ear pattern pieces. Place one piece of Minky and one piece of cotton fabric, just slightly larger than the two ear pattern pieces, right sides together. Pin the pattern pieces to the layers. I pinned on the cotton side so I could center my ear patterns over an appropriate motif on the fabric.
      2. Sew along the outer edge of each ear on the stitch line as shown. Leave the base of each ear open.
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      3. Gently tear away paper and turn the ears right side out. Finger flatten (remember... do not iron Minky).
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      Make Kitty Body

      1. Place the Kitty Body printout atop the wrong side of one of the 8½" x 11" pieces of Minky. Anchor with a few straight pins.
      2. Use pins to mark the location of ears.
        NOTE: The ears go beneath the Minky, NOT between the pattern and the Minky.
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      3. Use the pins to find the corners of the ears and pin as shown (I held this up to a window to show positioning). Pin the ears in position underneath the Minky.
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      4. Lay the piece of Minky with the ears pinned in place rights side together with the remaining 8½" x 11" piece of Minky. You now have a little sandwich with the ears between the two layers of right-side-together Minky. 
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      5. Pin the sandwich all around.
      6. Stitch along the dashed seam line (again - right through the paper), beginning at the marked dot on arm. Backstitch to start, then continue along dashed seam line all around to the second marked dot. Stop at this dot and backstitch, leaving the space between the dots open for turning and stuffing.
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      7. Gently tear away paper pattern and trim the Minky to approximately ¼" from the seam line.
      8. Turn kitty right side out. Push out the arms and legs with a chopstick or similar.
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      9. Use the chopstick (or similar) to push Poly-fil into all parts of the Kitty Body until pleasingly plump.
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      10. Slip stitch the opening closed.
      11. Fold the tail's open end under by about ¼" and slipstitch it in a circle to the back side of the Kitty Body about where shown.
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      Make Kitty Face

      1. Sew button eyes to face. Depending on where you put them and the size and style of you buttons, you can achieve a variety of facial expressions. I sewed from one eye across to the other and snugged it just a little to slightly indent the eyes.
      2. A simple X makes an easy nose and mouth. Again, this is an area to be as expressive as you'd like with your embroidery floss.

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        Project concept and sample creation: Alicia Thommas


        Comments (33)

        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

        @ Becky Jorgensen - thanks for the link and for properly crediting Sew4Home! It is cute little kitty!

        BettyS said:
        BettyS's picture

        So cute..my DD (age 6) cut it out on her own and sewed on fleece eyes with button toppers. She did the mouth just as you did. I sewed it for her (she pressed the pedal, :)) turned out adorable!

        anne.adams said:
        anne.adams's picture

        @BettyS: Nothing as satisfying as making it yourself... especially when it turns out so nicely. Sound like you two make a great team 

        Anonymous said:
        Anonymous's picture

        Is the tail stuffed a little as well? My two teenage kids (17 & 19) want one each. These are so cute.

        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

        The tail does not have additional stuffing. The minky fabric we used was plush enough without it because the tail is two layers sewn together. You could certainly add a little bit of stuffing if you feel your tail isn't substantial enough after you sew and turn it. 

        SewingLover said:
        SewingLover's picture

        She's really cute! Did you make the pattern yourself?

        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

        @ SewingLover - yes, Cotton Candy Kitty is our original design. 

        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture
        @ LittlaaHKittaaH - ours are little buttons not actually "eyes", they are 7/16"
        LittlaaHKittaaH said:
        LittlaaHKittaaH's picture
        are the eyes 10mm big?
        and thx for the turorial smilies/wink.gif
        Plushiequeen12 said:
        Plushiequeen12's picture
        Awesome cute kitty! I will totally make this!
        alicia.thommas said:
        alicia.thommas's picture
        Hi lad2bad. We wish you good luck, but this is is a pretty easy project and the fleece is forgiving. You'll do fine. smilies/smiley.gif
        alicia.thommas said:
        alicia.thommas's picture
        Hi Rebright, There is no problem washing this little kitty. You would have similar results to washing one from a store. I'd remove the ribbon even if I wash at the same time because you need to to remove it press the ribbon anyway. Just be certain the ribbon you used is colorfast. If you have a lingerie bag, put both items in the bag and wash and dry on low heat. The bag will protect the button eyes from dulling on the surfaces of the washer and dryer.
        Jennifer Forrest said:
        Jennifer Forrest's picture
        so cute, thanks for sharing, will have to make a bunny version for easter for all my niece's and nephew's. A great way to use up all my scraps!!!!
        wezecapecod said:
        wezecapecod's picture
        Just A Thought how about machine embroidery eyes on it no button to fall off. or glue on felt eyes with fabric glue that doesn't wash off. other then that it is so cute. you also can use iron mesh stabilizers on the back of the fabric as i have used this kind of fabric before to make little frogs too to stop it from slopping and also help machine embroidery eyes. wezesmilies/cheesy.gif
        nanaslittlestiches said:
        nanaslittlestiches's picture
        Sooo! Cute! Going to make this, definitely could be a white bunny with longer earssmilies/wink.gif
        coralee said:
        coralee's picture
        very cute! smiled when i read the pattern.....says bunny body, not kitty body smilies/wink.gif
        rolltide said:
        rolltide's picture
        I have just started to make suffed animals for my nieces and nephews who are having children of their own. I am always looking for SIMPLE patterns and this looks like a good one. I use the colors they are using in their nursery. I can't wait to see how this one turns out. Thanks so much! BTW, I LOVE Minky!
        cheryl burks said:
        cheryl burks's picture
        Love it ,cant wait to make some for my grandkids!
        Sylvia F said:
        Sylvia F's picture
        This kitty is as sweet as could be...even a little black one tooo!
        kokadoodle3 said:
        kokadoodle3's picture
        This is SO ADORABLE!! I'm definitely gonna have to make these for my nieces smilies/smiley.gif
        Creative Mind said:
        Creative Mind's picture
        this is super cute,my niece will love this,i will try to make it for her very very soon...thanks for the tutorial

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