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How to Sew a Blind Hem

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 1:00

A blind hem is exactly what it sounds like: a hem with stitches you barely notice. It's perfect for window coverings, the hem at the bottom of a garment, or anywhere you want a clean finished edge. When I first started sewing, attaining a perfect blind hem was like finding the Holy Grail. And then a funny thing happened, I practiced it a few times, and realized it was really easy. It's sort of like learning to use chopsticks – at first it seems so awkward and difficult and then, suddenly, it's second nature. Try a blind hem and you'll never drop a wad of sticky rice in your lap again. This is one of our most popular techniques ever on Sew4Home; so much so, we try to re-run it at least once a year in order to stamp out the fear of blind hems for both new and returning visitors. 

Debut Day for Sew4Home Bags and Totes: Win an Autographed Copy

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 1:00

It has arrived! Boxes have been shipped from publisher, Fons & Porter. Book signings are set at the International Quilt Market later this month in Houston, Texas. And our hands are covered in Sharpie® ink from signing dozens of copies. We’re pleased and proud that our first book is making its way out into the world, and we're also a little anxious – hoping everyone will enjoy this debut effort. Because our loyal Sew4Home visitors have been some of our biggest supporters, we have TEN autographed copies to give away to you! 

Collectible Tins from Fat Quarter Shop: Five Chances to Win!

Friday, 07 October 2016 1:00


Irresistible. That is the word to describe these little tins. I think we all have a pretty-little-box gene that kicks in whenever we see cuteness like this. This gene overrides necessity, and we are driven to find something… anything to fit into the pretty-little-box in order to call it our own. Our friends at Fat Quarter Shop have an incredible selection of collectible tins, each one more irresistible than the next. Best yet – they’re super affordable; most are just a few dollars each! Get ready to fulfill your pretty-little-box cravings. Five lucky Sew4Home visitors are each going to win a set of three tins! 

Products We Love: The Clover Hot Ruler

Wednesday, 05 October 2016 1:00

Accurate pressing is one of the most important parts of the construction process. Having a tool that holds precise, narrow folds and clean angles is critical. And, if that tool allows you to do that without your fingers getting dangerously close to the iron, it’s a must-have in our book! One of our favorite pressing tools, the Clover Hot Hemmer has a new friend: the Hot Ruler. This 2½” x 10” ruler is part of the Press Perfect collection by Joan Hawley for Clover, and is made of the same super thin, heat resistant nylon fiberboard with a special non-slip surface. 

Out-Of-The-Box Basics: ID the Main Parts of a Sewing Machine

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 1:00

Sewing is an art. But it does rely on science and technology as well. And then there's math with all those fractions and geometry. But most importantly... there's your machine! A good machine makes the difference – not only in the sewing experience but in the professional look of the finished project. Janome America is the exclusive sewing machine sponsor of Sew4Home and we love our studio Janomes. When you have a great machine, you can literally forget about it, and put your full concentration on the art of sewing. To borrow a line from Janome that explains this phenomenon: the easier the tools, the more creative you become. Janome machines are precise and reliable from the top of the line to the most basic entry level model. One of the very first articles we did on Sew4Home explained the parts of a basic sewing machine. We've updated that article to benefit of all the new sewing enthusiasts out there. Plus, it never hurts for any of us to dust off our skills and knowledge. 

Home Décor Book Debut for Erin Schlosser: Win A Copy!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 1:00


Our friend, Erin Schlosser is a true “renaissance woman” when it comes to working in the world of sewing and craft. From the computerized domain of embroidery design digitizing to the hands-on artistry of needle arts – not to mention the most adorable pom poms ever – Erin is a true creative, top to bottom. She also happens to be one of the amazing members of our Sewing Escape Retreats educational team. In fact, it was during one of our first planning sessions for the Retreats that we learned Erin had a book coming out this Fall. Of course, we were at the front of the line to scoop up a copy and let all of you know about it. If you glance quickly at the title: Sew Home, you might wonder, “Hey… where’s the 4?!” Yep, the title of Erin’s book is rather close to our own name, and we both laugh about it. She lays that decision at the feet of her publisher. “I had been talking about it all along as being a sewing for the home book,” says Erin. “I guess they took me at my word!” Join us for a peek inside and enter to win your very own copy. 

Products We Love: Janome Ribbon Sewing Guide

Tuesday, 20 September 2016 1:00

Here is your word for the day: plethora. As in, "a whole bunch." As in, "With such a plethora of ribbon options on the market today, why would I want even more?" Because you can. The Janome Ribbon Sewing Guide allows you to stitch directly on ribbon up to 1" wide, so you can personalize the color and design of your ribbon accents and create exactly the look you want and need.


How to Install a Conventional Zipper

Thursday, 15 September 2016 1:00

Zzzzzzzzip it! We love the sound, the look, and the functionality of zippers. But most of us are not so in love with installing them in our sewing projects. In fact, there's probably no sewing technique more dreaded than learning how to properly install a zipper. If you're a regular S4H visitor, you know that's a challenge we can't walk away from. Today, you are going to learn how to master the most conventional zipper technique. Once you’ve done so, one warning: anyone who finds out about your new skill will be dropping off all kinds of items with broken zippers on your front porch. Ha! Pull them inside, and teach them how to do it themselves! The steps shown below are for a "conventional" zipper as you might use on a garment – where the fabric meets along the center of the zipper teeth, concealing them.

The Jolly Bar Book from Fat Quarter Shop: Win a Book and a Bundle!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016 1:00


First came the fabric; now comes the book! The newest It’s Sew Emma publication from Fat Quarter Shop is: The Jolly Bar Book Vol. 1. It contains twenty patterns created especially for Fat Quarter Shop’s exclusive Jolly Bar pre-cut, a 5” x 10” rectangle that’s a perfect building block for all kinds of designs. Read on for a sneak peek, then enter to win your own copy along with your choice of one Jolly Bar bundle from the full FQS selection. 

My Top 5 Garment Sewing Secrets: Nancy Fiedler of Janome America

Thursday, 08 September 2016 1:00

In our quest to continue bringing you the information you’re searching for, we’ve been partnering with some of our pals in the sewing community to provide guest features on garment sewing. This is an area we don’t currently focus on at Sew4Home but for which we get a lot of inquiries. It’s not that we don’t love garment sewing; we just haven’t made the leap yet into full sets of sized patterns. Until we jump, our skilled friends are excellent resources and very kind to share their knowledge. In this article, we turn to master educator, Nancy Fiedler of Janome America. Nancy’s helped us with several techniques on S4H, such as grading seams, sewing a zipper in a circle, cornering with decorative stitches, and more. Our thanks to her for collecting her top five garment tips to share.