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Tips for Working with Metal Trims

Wednesday, 02 September 2015 1:00

Most of the time, sewing is all about soft things, from beautiful fabrics to cushy pillow inserts. However, every so often, something hard comes along. It's not there to torment you; it's a way to inject an interesting new texture into the mix. We're here with a few tips to make working with these trims easier, as well as techniques to give you the most professional finish.

Lucky Seven: Congratulations to the Latest Great Giveaway Winners

Friday, 28 August 2015 1:00

It's celebration time for seven lucky Sew4Home fans. These last four Great Giveaways were some of our most popular ever! We know it can be disappointing to not see your name in the list below, but we can promise you this: the universal reaction of our winners is the statement, "I never win anything!" Oh, but you do. Your chance at the brass ring may be coming soon. 

How to Insert a Zipper into a Full Circle

Friday, 21 August 2015 1:00

We get a lot of questions about zippers. They seem to live at the top of many people's lists of Sewing Phobias (ziphobia!). In an effort to calm these fears, we already have three step-by-step tutorials for inserting standard zippers, tackling invisible zippers, and putting in an inset zipper. We're adding to the zipper toolbox with the following zip-tips for how to put a conventional zipper into a circular opening.

How to Insert Metal Snaps in Fabric

Tuesday, 18 August 2015 1:00

For some sewing applications, there's nothing that works quite as well as a metal snap. They're easier to use than buttons and more durable than Velcro®. That's why they're used in everything from mountain climbing jackets, to yacht covers, to baby clothes. Just think how long it would take an NBA player to jump up from the bench and get into the game if he didn't have those "quick release" sweat pants with snaps running up both sides. He'd probably fall into the stands trying to pull his sweats off over his giant shoes. Installing snaps is pretty simple. You just take a series of tiny metal rings (which can be set up twenty wrong ways and only one right way) line them up within a millimeter of perfection, and then crush the whole assemblage together as hard as you can through several layers of fabric. What could possibly go wrong?

How to Rip Out a Seam

Friday, 07 August 2015 1:00

Mistakes happen to the best of us. Anyone who sews understands that some seams just weren't meant to be. The good news: ripping out a seam and starting over is something we all do. With a little care and patience, it's an easy fix and no one but you is ever likely to know it happened. The majority of woven fabrics, such as the popular quilting cottons, are very forgiving; a ripped-out and re-done seam is rarely noticeable on the finished project. It's better to start over if your first attempt fails. You'll always be happier in the end. 

What's New at Renaissance Ribbons? Find Out and Enter to Win!

Wednesday, 05 August 2015 1:00

Get ready for ribbons! Back-to-school projects are upon us, and holiday décor and gifts aren't too far behind. One of the fastest, easiest, and prettiest ways to add a bit of extra color and texture to just about any item is a lovely ribbon accent. It's time to check in with our friends at Renaissance Ribbons to see what's new. Join us, then sign up for our eNewsletter to enter to win a ribbon grab bag. 

Aurifil Thread: A Review & Giveaway with Fat Quarter Shop

Friday, 31 July 2015 1:00

As salt is to cooking, so thread is to sewing: a staple we rely on but may not think too much about. And yet, the thread is what holds everything together! If the quality is low or the color is off, you'll notice it as quickly as a too-salty soup. One thread that's been making heads turn these days is Aurifil. We interviewed our friends at Fat Quarter Shop, where they've recently introduced their own selection of exclusive Aurifil thread sets, to find out what they love about this thread as well as how they put together their exclusive FQS Master Collection of thread and floss. Plus, we have FOUR amazing sample sets of Fat Quarter Shop's Aurifil collections for FOUR lucky Sew4Home visitors. 


Sewing with Specialty Fabrics

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 1:00

The holiday sewing season will be on top of us before we know it, which is always a great time to pull out the specialty fabrics for both garments and home décor items. However, working with these fabrics does require a little special handling; they aren't always as user-friendly as good ol' cotton. We picked four of the most common categories: netting and tulle, organza, taffeta, and burlap; and provide some tips and techniques to make preparing, cutting, and sewing with them easier, faster and frustration-free. 

Fabric Depot Christmas in July Great Giveaway: Win A Downton Abbey Bundle!

Friday, 24 July 2015 1:00


It's been very festive around Sew4Home over the last few weeks as we prepared two beautiful projects to celebrate Christmas in July with Fabric Depot. If you missed either, make sure to check out our Downton Abbey Christmas Table Runner and the Northwoods Batiks Crazy Patch Tree Skirt. Have you ever wondered why we have Christmas in July? We have the scoop. And, thanks to our wonderful friends at Fabric Depot, we also have a Christmas in July present for one lucky Sew4Home visitor: a full Fat Quarter Bundle of the Downton Abbey Christmas collection!

How to Make a Blind Hem

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 1:00

A blind hem is exactly what it sounds like: a hem with stitches you barely notice. It's perfect for window coverings, the hem at the bottom of a garment, or anywhere you want a clean finished edge. When I first started sewing, attaining a perfect blind hem was like finding the Holy Grail. And then a funny thing happened, I practiced it a few times, and realized it was really easy. It's sort of like learning to use chopsticks – at first it seems so awkward and difficult and then, suddenly, it's second nature. Try a blind hem and you'll never drop a wad of sticky rice in your lap again.