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Accessories We Love: The Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set

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If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, I'm guessing this three-in-one presser foot is easily worth a bird, a hand and a bush... if you're in to collecting bushes and birds. Me? I just like to find a cool accessory that does several things. The Janome Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set comes with two guides: the Quarter Inch Guide and the Ditch Stitch Guide. The foot itself is clearly marked with red guide lines for 1/8" and 1/4" seam allowances, as well as cornering marks for both 1/8" and 1/4" seams in front and behind the needle drop. The foot is super easy to use and very lightweight. But be careful, the little guides are the Barbie® shoes of sewing; they could very easily get lost. So, keep everything together in a little plastic bag, or even the original packaging.

Deciphering the markings

The packaging didn't do a great job of pointing out what all those red lines really mean, so we did this handy little guide for you. As I mentioned above, you get 1/8" and 1/4" seam allowance guides and needle drop/cornering guides both 1/8" and 1/4" in front of and behind the needle drop.

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The interchangeable guides

Loosen the screen and slip the 1/4" guide in place.

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The stitch-in-the-ditch guide attaches just as easily

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Sewing with the just the foot

You can use the foot all by itself to do 1/8" seams. These tiny seams aren't used a lot for home décor, but quilters use this seam for miniature piecing.

All you need to do is align your fabric with the 1/8" red guide line and stitch along, keeping your eye on that red line.

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You can also use the foot without the guides to sew perfect 1/4" seams on shapes, like triangles. Just like above, simply align the edge of your fabric with the red 1/4" guide line.

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Sewing with the 1/4" guide

My sewing machine came with a 1/4" foot, but you may not be that lucky. Often a 1/4" foot is a specialty foot you must purchase separately, which makes this three-in-one foot such a great deal. I use a 1/4" allowance all the time for seaming, hemming and topstitching.

With the guide in place, you simply align the edge of your fabric against the guide and start sewing. Keep the fabric close to the guide as you go and you'll get a perfect 1/4" seam every time.

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The straight stitch needle hole in the foot is slightly oval, which means if your machine allows you to adjust your needle position, you can move the needle to the right and stitch a perfect scant 1/4" seam. This is a quilting technique experienced quilters often suggest for beginners. Every time you press your seams, a little bit of fabric gets taken up in the fold. With each seam, you loose a little bit more, which can add up, especially if you are new to piecing. Sewing a scant 1/4" helps compensate for this.

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NOTE: There's a small hole to the left of the needle hole. This is a "needle release hole" and it is not used for sewing.

Sewing with the ditch guide

I love the ditch guide; it's like a laser line for keeping a straight seam. All you have to do is align your fabric so the guide is in the ditch created by the previous seam you are following. As you sew along, just keep the guide running in this ditch.

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I really had fun with this foot. It does three very different things and does each one very well. I give it five stars. It is made by and for Janome machines with their snap-on feet, but check with your local dealer, it may work on other brands and/or there may be a similar foot available for your particular model.


Comments (28)

GayleM said:
GayleM's picture

This is one of the first extras I purchased for my Janome Horizon 12000 and I've used the heck outta it!   Now have the 15000 and still use it almost daily.  This foot produces some of the most accurate seams and pivots I've ever been able to produce.  The stitch in the ditch guide works great too as you can see thru the plastic foot and stay on course!  Kudos to the Janome designers.

Januk said:
Januk's picture

 Hi there such very clear and easy to read and understand thanks so much


Lois92346 said:
Lois92346's picture

Thank you so much for sharing the features of the Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set. Your photo showing the difference between a 1/4” and SCANT 1/4” seams are the best I’ve seen anywhere. 

It occurred to me when looking at the Ditch Guide that it could possibly be used when sewing directly on a drawn line such as when making the 'stitch and flip' corners in snowball blocks. Has anyone tried that?

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@Lois92346 - we haven't tried this particular quilting technique, but it sure sounds like a great idea. I love this foot.

Pauline Gibbs said:
Pauline Gibbs's picture

I have a Elna 900 would this fit my machine. Elna has been taken over by Janome . If not please can you tell me where I can get a walking foot to fit my machine. Thanks

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ Paula Gibbs - Janome is a sponsor of Sew4Home but we are not directly affiliated. You should contact Janome.com or http://www.elnausa.com/en-us/ to find out more about a Walking foot for your machine. 

Myra Morris said:
Myra Morris's picture

Thank you so much for this helpful review.  I'm a complete novice at patchworking and am about to try my hand at this interesting craft.  I haven't much money to spare as I've just lost my job due to ill health and therefore it's essential that I  only buy the correct accessories for my machine. Can't afford to make expensive mistakes.  Information such as yours has helped me so much - I now know that I can buy the clearview foot with confidence.  Many, many thanks for your help.  Really appreciated.

mmcen78 said:
mmcen78's picture

Will this fit the Janome HD 1000 low shank snap on style?

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ mmcen78 - this foot is designed to fit virtually all Janome top-loading models.  Please contact a local authorized Janome dealer for more information.

aeon2012 said:
aeon2012's picture

Thanks for such a great tutorial. I have a Janome 6600 with the standard 1/4' foot as well as the accufeed one. The problem I have had is not being able to see the fabric. All it takes is a sligh shift of fabric (unseen under the metal feet) and there is a bow in the stitch line. I wish I had not spent the money for the accufeed 1/4" foot as I never use it. I see someone had a question regarding this fitting a Bernina. It will if you get the adapter piece that allows you to use snap on feet on the Berninas, I have had it on my 580 with the adapter.

minihorse12 said:
minihorse12's picture
I've been looking for a long time for a 1/4" foot with a guide that covers all the feed dogs. I love it, thank you, thank you!!smilies/grin.gif
Dealbaida said:
Dealbaida's picture
Many, many thanks for this clear, simple and consise tutorial. I ordered this foot (for my wonderful MC4800)with the barest idea of how to use and your article really has dispelled my doubts. Thanks a million!

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture
Hi frugalmamma10 - I don't know for sure if this foot would work on your machine. As I mentioned above: "It is made by and for Janome machines with their snap-on feet, but check with your local dealer, it may work on other brands and/or there may be a similar foot available for your particular model." Your dealer is your best resource.
MV said:
MV's picture
Thank you so much for your instructions on how to use this foot. I found them much easier to follow than the Janome videos.

Regards, Michele V.
sarahsmommywest said:
sarahsmommywest's picture
I love this foot... My daughter gave me one last year and it is my favorite foot... The markings are a piece of cake to use...
Janet C said:
Janet C's picture
I love this foot! My machine is being serviced so when I pick it up at the quilt shop..................!!
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture
Hi Lisa N - the horizontal lines help you align the edge of your fabric to start, stop or turn at just the right point. It's like turning your foot into a little T-square. The right side of your fabric's edge (the vertical) can line up with the vertical lines and/or with the guide if you're using the 1/4" guide; the back of the fabric (the horizontal) can line up with the 1/4" horizontal line behind the needle and you know you'll be starting at a perfect 1/4" corner point: 1/4" in from the right and 1/4" in from the back. In the same way, when you get to the end of your seam, you would stop when the front edge of your fabric hits the 1/4" horizontal line in front of the needle. You then pivot at your perfect 1/4" corner point. Hope that helps.
Lisa N said:
Lisa N's picture
I just don't get it! How do you use the hortizontal lines? Could you show a picture of how you use them with fabric? Sorry, but I just don't "get it"!
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture
Hi Christine D -- I'm afraid I don't know enough about the Bernina products to tell you for sure. You should ask your dealer. If this foot doesn't work, perhaps Bernina has a similar foot.
Christine D said:
Christine D's picture
A snap on foot...would it work for a Bernina 730E?
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture
Hi iofran -- as I mentioned above, many of the Janome feet CAN be used on other models if you have a machine that accepts snap on feet. But you're right, having a Janome would be even better smilies/grin.gif
DebBinSC said:
DebBinSC's picture
Thank you I love learning about new feet! This one is going to be added to my have to have list.
iofran said:
iofran's picture
I would love to have one of these fantastic feet. But since I am not lucky enough to own a Janome I guess I am missing out!
Brita said:
Brita's picture
I am so loving my Janome 6500, I've had it for about 5 years and wouldn't trade it for anything. So of course I have to get all the new goodies they come out with!
wendylou said:
wendylou's picture
thanks so much for showing this foot - I am going to check this week if my dealer has one! I love the way it has the 'ditch' guide and the clear 1/4 inch markings.

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