Moda Match Maker March 2016
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Shannon Fabrics Rose Cuddle Great Giveaway

Wednesday, 27 July 2016 1:00

Shannon Fabrics is home to some of the very softest stuff around. From faux fur to Embrace double gauze to their flagship Cuddle® minky fabric, if you want plush luxury and top quality, look for the Shannon Fabrics brand. They are fabulous at keeping us up-to-date on their latest collections and most popular products. In fact, we were talking about some of the season’s best sellers just a few weeks back. They mentioned how their unique Rose Cuddle® has been flying out the door. And they were delighted to share two generous two-yard cuts of it, one Hot Pink and one Snow White, for this latest Great Giveaway. 

Congratulations to 11 Lucky Great Giveaway Winners

Thursday, 14 July 2016 1:00

If 13 is a “baker’s dozen” – we’re going on record to claim that 11 is a “dieter’s dozen”! Our last four Great Giveaways all featured multiple winners so we could spread the fun around even more than usual. Although these four are in the record books, there’s always more down the road. In fact, tomorrow is the final day to enter the Vintage Notions Great Giveaway, courtesy of Amy Barickman and Indygo Junction. Read on as we reveal our 11 latest and greatest winners. 

Celebrating Vintage Sewing with Amy Barickman: Enter to Win a Book & Subscription

Wednesday, 29 June 2016 1:00


Amy Barickman is the founder of Indygo Junction and a creative leader in the sewing and needle arts industry. Better still, she’s a friend of Sew4Home! We’ve always been impressed with Amy’s passion for all things vintage. In 2010, she released the book, Vintage Notions, inspired by Mary Brooks Picken and the work Picken did through The Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Women’s Institute, and Amy felt it was the perfect time to revisit and build upon this wonderful material. Find out more about the history of your favorite pastime, and enter to win a copy of Amy’s book as well as a subscription to her new accompanying magazine! 

Confessions of a Beginning Garment Sewer: Guest Feature from Go-Go Kim

Friday, 24 June 2016 1:00

There are our famous Sew4Home aprons, various scarves, a few PJ pants, helpful tutorials on basic techniques, like pleats and darts… but really – we only dip our pinky toes into the waters of garment sewing. That doesn’t mean we don’t love it; we’ve just yet to set sail with full sets of sized patterns. Options are being researched, but in the meantime, we’ve made a new commitment to partner with some of our pals in the sewing community to bring you garment-focused guest features. First out of the chute: the amazing Ms. Kim Niedzwiecki aka Go-Go Kim of My Go-Go Life. We are all so lucky to have chosen sewing and craft as our hobby/passion/addiction. The sewing community is simply incredible, made up of women and men who are the most outgoing, caring, sharing folks we’ve ever met. Kim is right up there in our top tier. She’s full of life and brimming with energy and ideas. A quilter extraordinaire, she recently entered the world of garment sewing. She’s still alive to tell the tale, and has agreed to do just that, offering up her experiences, pearls of wisdom, and encouragement for you to do the same. 

Lucky 7 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, 15 June 2016 1:00

Time to give Dear ol' Dad his due! Father's Day is this Sunday, but there's still time to make him something special. Whether it's your own father, the father of your children, or the man who mentored you like a father; dads come in all shapes and sizes but they all love getting something handmade from the heart. We pulled a lucky seven group of S4H projects that are fast and easy to create but still have the perfect finished flair. And although they may not carry the same appeal as that set of wobbly ceramic coasters you made in fourth grade, they are great gift ideas. 

Sewing Escape Retreats Are Rolling

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 1:00

Our first Retreat events have been such a blast! It’s a fabulous experience to be in new parts of the country with new sewing friends for a weekend of creativity. We gathered up a few photos from the first events, and will continue to share images with you as additional Retreats take place over the next months. A big, BIG thanks to our Hosting Dealers and of course – to all the enthusiastic attendees. Haven’t heard about these Retreats yet? Lean in! 

Sew4Home Featured in Where Women Cook

Friday, 03 June 2016 1:00

We are thrilled and pretty dang proud to be featured in the Handmade for the Home Kitchen column of the Summer 2016 issue of Where Women Cook! Yes, you read that correctly: Cook. Not necessarily what you’re used to seeing here at the site, right?! But this beautiful magazine is a sister publication from our dear friend, Jo Packham, whom we met when we were one of the studios lucky enough to be profiled a few years back in Where Women Create. Jo reached out to us for this new column, and we were happy to jump at the opportunity. It’s her brainstorm (and a dandy one at that) to expose “foodies,” who love all the DIY aspects of creative meal preparation, to how much fun it can be to extend their creativity to sewing for the kitchen and the table. Maybe we can be “sewies”! 

Aurifil Designer Thread Box Great Giveaway

Wednesday, 01 June 2016 1:00


We are very excited to have Aurifil Thread as a new Sew4Home sponsor. It’s been great to learn more about all their available thread weight options and to drool over the hundreds of colors. Today, we’re sharing the love with you, offering up two Aurifil Designer Thread Boxes for two lucky Sew4Home visitors. Each box contains 12 large spools and has a retail value of over $100. If unspooled end-to-end, that means we’re giving away nearly a mile and a half of beautiful thread! (No... we did not really unwind 24 spools of thread – that’s what math conversion apps are for!)