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Great Giveaway - True Colors with FreeSpirit Fabrics

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Last month, we introduced you to the innovative, designer-driver mixer collection from FreeSpirit Fabrics: True Colors. While the general concept of "mixer" or "blender" prints is not a new one, FreeSpirit Fabrics and their designers approached it from a very unique direction. By working in close collaboration with some of their most popular designers, FreeSpirit has created collections with amazing vision and a polished sense of color and style. We were honored to be chosen to kick off the Blog Tour for True Colors on January 20th, and we hope you were able to enjoy the wonderful inspiration from the creative websites along the way. Today, we're giving you a look back through the Tour, and we have our own Giveaway. Four lucky winners will be able to show off their "true colors."

Our thanks to FreeSpirit Fabrics for sponsoring all the fun. And of course, our appreciation to the first four designers to work their magic with the True Colors brand. Anna Maria Horner, Heather Bailey, Jenean Morrison and Joel Dewberry each created five distinctive prints in four colorways. The variety is wonderful; you'll recognize some favorite designer motifs as well as brand new patterns. We loved how the collections have the capacity to stand alone as well as blend with others.

Take a look at our original True Colors review article for more information as well as a link to the video produced by Creativebug, which gives you a look inside the colorful worlds of these first four designers and shows how color affects their lives and work.

We have a pre-cut True Colors bundle from each of these four designers, and we'll be giving them away to four lucky Sew4Home visitors. To enter, simply leave us a short comment below, telling us your favorite color and why. 

But first... make sure you didn't miss any of the spots along the tour: 

Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock, featuring Heather Bailey's collections

Katy Jones of Monkey Do, featuring Jenean Morrison's collections

Heather Valentine of The Sewing Loft, featuring Anna Maria Horner's collections

Your friends right here at Sew4Home; we created an elegant Bed Caddy in Jenean Morrison's collections

Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane, featuring Joel Dewberry's collections

Amy Smart of Diary Of A Quilter, featuring Jenean Morrison's collections

Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession, featuring Anna Maria Horner's collections

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood of CraftSanity, featuring Heather Bailey's collections

Rachel Hauser of Stitched in Color, featuring Anna Maria Horner's collections

Lindsay Conner and Mary Jaracz of Craft Buds, featuring Heather Bailey's collections

Julie Herman of Jay Bird Quilts, featuring Joel Dewberry's collections

Melissa Peda of 100 Billion Stars, featuring Jenean Morrison's collections

How to enter to win


1) Leave a qualifying comment that meets the criteria of the giveaway.

See the full description below under the heading "Qualifying Comments." 

2) Tell us how to contact you should you win.

While you can leave your email address with your comment, we highly recommend you register with us and login (top of the page) before you comment; your email address is then hidden from view. You are also free to simply make a comment and choose not to be entered.

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Qualifying Comments: Tell us about your True Color

To enter to win of the four pre-cut bundles, leave us a short comment below, describing your true color, and why you love working with it. Can coral trigger a tropical daydream? Does turquoise reveal the depth of your creativity. How do you know scarlet will add the right pop of color every time?

We'll draw FOUR lucky winners who will each receive a True Colors fabric bundle.

More details

We will draw four people at random from everyone who posted a qualifying comment on this article as of midnight PT February 28, 2014. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.

We will contact our random winners by email to coordinate delivery.

Make it easier for us to notify you should you be one of our lucky winners. Simply register with us and login before you comment. Your email address is then hidden from view.

NOTE: Due to complex contest legal restrictions and customs requirements that differ from country to country, we are currently only able to accept entries from and send prizes to a USA postal address (cannot be a P.O. Box). We know this is a disappointment to some of our loyal visitors outside of the USA, and we appreciate your understanding. Our true focus is on providing the best sewing tutorials, tips and inspiration we can to everyone.

Scroll to the BOTTOM of any page to find an empty comment window. After you post, your comment will automatically display at the TOP of the comments on the newest page.


Comments (295)

Dr. Lakshmi Dajak said:
Dr. Lakshmi Dajak's picture

I love you BLUE, you are so TRUE!

You make my spirit go, to my sewing machine to sew!

Happily humming to the sound of my machining,

Turning swatches of fabric into fabulous clothing,

You chase away my blues and make me twirl and glide-

When I give my sewn gifts and receive hugs, kisses and smiles!

coleencole said:
coleencole's picture

My true color is turquoise. It can compliment the dullest fabric and works with just about any color. Turquoise makes me happy to be sewing.

khaila009 said:
khaila009's picture

My true colors are burgandy and hot pink. Especially paired together. Unusual but rich and exciting to the eye.

Wonderful in freezing winters! 

dmt139 said:
dmt139's picture

Hot Pink is my true colour!  I love it because it always makes me smile.  I have always loved pink, and I'm drawn to it every time.

kelleymoffitt said:
kelleymoffitt's picture

My true color is Green.  My name is kelley, my eyes are green, I am Irish and green means money$$$$ 

Diamante said:
Diamante's picture

My true colors are all the shades of orange.  I love the the brightness and the warmth I feel when I work with or wear these shades.  My  mother's favorite color was orange, so this is a happy color and memory for me!

JRissley said:
JRissley's picture

My true color would have to be blue. I love all of the different things that are represented by blue like the ocean or the sky or my daughters eyes. There are a remarkable amount of things in my life that can be represented by the color blue.

larra said:
larra's picture

My true colors are blue and purple. I use them a lot in quilting and clothing and find them soothing and calmng.

cathymichels said:
cathymichels's picture

My true color is definitely yellow.  I especially like golden sunflower yellow.  The color just says 'sunny and happy' to me.

asimplehomestd said:
asimplehomestd's picture

My true color would be dark green. I think it goes with most colors and reminds me of an evergreen forest.

button2 said:
button2's picture

My true color is Blue,I  like to wear blue, and sew with it.Any color that has the blue tone is a go with me.But the more I quilt,colors are just poping out everywhere,and it's getting harder to choose.The collections are gorgeous,and have color cominations that cause me to love all colors.

Mandi P said:
Mandi P's picture

Turquoise reminds me of great times at the beach - even when the temperature is below zero!

mandiprout80@ gmail dot com

Debbie H said:
Debbie H's picture

Yellow is my favorite true color.  It's so bright and cheerful!

Peggy Schmoll said:
Peggy Schmoll's picture

True colors are beautiful.  My favorites are purple, yellow, and blue for quilting projects.  Other colors are used too.

newsew11 said:
newsew11's picture

Usually my favorite color is blue, but for the True Colors collection, I'll have to go with the greys.  They're striking on thier own and I have a feeling they'll serve as a beautiful neutral alongside any vibrant pattern.

mblake5 said:
mblake5's picture

My true color would be rust/amber. I love how it can fit in so many motives to evoke fall, christmas, sunrise/sunset, and fire. Whether it's a feature color or used as a foundation to let an aqua pop, it's just so versatile.

flbaker said:
flbaker's picture

My true colors are in the brillant greens .... Irish all the way (well maybe a hint of yellow too)

Mmfnr0908 said:
Mmfnr0908's picture

My true color is red, whenever or wherever I see it, it makes me smile

Debbie Bennett said:
Debbie Bennett's picture

My true color is pink ... I love pinks in all the shades from light to deep, dark pink.  Crossing my fingers


Debbie McClain said:
Debbie McClain's picture

My favorite color is blue. But to be truely honest, I just love any color in the right combination with another. Bright colors make me happy and energetic . Color motivates me to be more creative. I love to sew and struggle finding the time since I am a full time nurse. I find color makes my patients happy when I share my projects. Any color combinatons but my favorites are : peachy pink, seafoam bluegreen, ivory, mossy green....natures colors

Beesnbugs said:
Beesnbugs's picture

"When I'm an old lady, I shall wear purple...."  My dear mother in law, whose hair turned gray when she was in her twenties, used to repeat this as she donned another purple/lavendar garment that always looked glorious on her. Since I was probably one of the only women who never went through the purple passion faze as I child, I could not understand this grown woman's love of purple.  Now she is gone and my hair is gray and I hear her voice every time I don another garment iin my now beloved purple.  It just goes well with gray!  And, of course, you can always add red in "a hat that does not suit..."

ckussart said:
ckussart's picture

The bright yellows really struck me--beautiful! Second favorite color are the greens. These are all beautiful collections that I would enjoy using in a quilt!

Dilna u kocoura said:
Dilna u kocoura's picture

I like dark colours with a certain depth, I call it colors with "more levels". At the very first moment I would answer, I like every colour. But ... when I start to choose fabrics, it is always BLUE, dark blue of course, fallowed by green. I like funy colour combinantions, which bring sun into the life, like this beautiful collection.

Cheri , the quilting Nanny said:
Cheri , the quilting Nanny's picture

Lately my favorite color has been purple! I never really had a "favorite" color, just liked colors! But lately, it has been purple....decorated my guest bedroom with purple theme quilt spread, pillows and garden lattice headboard and other accents. Made some purple things for my grand kids and accent my living room colors of Brown, turquoise and silver with purple accents! But  I do love blues and reds too!

sahm2two said:
sahm2two's picture

Teal is my new favorite color ... but anything in the blue/blue-green shade ... these are my colors. Mainly because, personally, these are the colors I receive the most compliments when  wear it. And, becausethey are the colors that make me think of the beach/the ocean, my most favorite place in the world to be ...

pjdominici said:
pjdominici's picture

My true color is aqua. It has the coolness of water, the power of turquoise jewelry, and the liveliness of toddlers. My current color combo is red and aqua. They just pop on a white background. I saw many variation on the aqua color way in the True Colors sites. So I'm not alone in giving this color it's due.

auntbarky said:
auntbarky's picture

Love the color red. However, I love making tote bags and aprons and have found that I enjoy trying to match up designs and patterns in any color for a unique product!  Love this website for fresh ideas!

Connie Barrow said:
Connie Barrow's picture

My True Color is yellow. It brings my thoughts to the Sunflowers that will be blooming in the Summer in my garden. Which will bring the beautiful birds to feed. The yellow finches, cardinals, blue jays. Ahhhhh

Momo said:
Momo's picture

Dusty aqua!  I love the water, whether at the beach or a pool.  It soothes my firey Saggitarian passion so I don't burn out!  This year I am pairing it with coral or red and navy, with a touch of light taupe or ivory.

amy tanner said:
amy tanner's picture

i totally love the blues and teals.  i love to pair them with white or tan/brown.  it is so calming. i just love to sew any color.


Sharon Williamson said:
Sharon Williamson's picture

I love blues and brown, the blue reminds me of the ocean.


Sally B. said:
Sally B.'s picture

I love blues as they remind me of a beautiful sky or of calming waters.  They can be deep or bold, dressed up or down, playful or serious, and mentioned many ways in musical lyrics. (Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Moon, Blue Sky) It is even a fun word to say! As you can probably tell, I usually end up singing while stitching. It is fun to go into a creative world!

Kfnscuffham said:
Kfnscuffham's picture

I love purple, roses and gold. They ground me and I feel like royalty at the same time.

Ellen Ban said:
Ellen Ban's picture

My true color is blue, especially aqua! Been my favorite since I was a kid!

Janie M said:
Janie M's picture

How beautiful is that fabric! I love the combinations that you put together. Thank you for the giveaway!

TJ Hein said:
TJ Hein's picture

My true colors are shades of blue, reminds me of the ocean fun times with family love to mix it with purples also.

psycho_pixie said:
psycho_pixie's picture

I adore purple and green. Especially together since it is unexpected yet found in nature. It is so peaceful to walk in the vineyard and see plump grapes in greens and purples ripening in the sun. This color combo brings out the "Napa Valley" girl in me everytime!

lrvance said:
lrvance's picture

Corals and Aquas are among my favorites. They remind me of Spring and the Ocean. In the Winter, I like the Burgandys and Hunter Greens with creams, they have such richness and depth.

stacysews said:
stacysews's picture

I love blues and pinks! However, I must like black a lot because there seems to be a lot of it in my fabric stash as well!

CherylB1959 said:
CherylB1959's picture

I love all shades of green, from light to dark. Yellow is a happy color and is one of my favorites also.

pansy25 said:
pansy25's picture

I love most all colors and my favorite varies with my mood and the seasons. I gravitate to green/pink combinations quite a bit, burgundy red and deeper greens in the winter, spring and lime green with light/dark pinks in the summer. I really love the color combinations in Anna Maria Horners's collection, so pretty. Her quilt is absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

crescentcity1 said:
crescentcity1's picture

My true color is lime green...I love matching it with red, aqua and orange!!!...It reminds me skittles>> which is what I munch on while I'm sewing!!  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

lydianna said:
lydianna's picture

It would have to be blue, in all its range, from pale sky blue to deepest inky night.

Evelyn Koth said:
Evelyn Koth's picture

Pink and yellow make me happy and I gravitate towards these colors

deecee23 said:
deecee23's picture

My true color is any shade of pink!  It refreshes my spirit and I am always drawn to it!

Nikki Butler said:
Nikki Butler's picture

My true color is lime green - its kind of like my attitude, a little obnoxious and a little loud, but makes for a nice touch to a variety of colors and patterns.  It's color of happiness for me.  Cheers!

Miss Rita said:
Miss Rita's picture

My true color is purple...wait, maybe blue...or red, although green is lovely...possibly orange or a bright yellow...So many wonderful colors!   I guess my true color would be... Rainbow!


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