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Janome Monday: Enter The Janome "Summer Sewing Fun" Giveaway

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Janome's line of colorful compact machines are so cute, you might think they're toys. But they're not. They're real sewing machines, with real machine features, just in a much smaller (and more adorable) size and in vibrant colors. This makes them the perfect gift for someone just learning to sew, a person who does very basic mending and sewing projects, folks with limited space, or someone who just wants a super lightweight machine to take on the road. We have two ways to win a colorful little sewing machine of your very own to kick off your Summer Sewing Fun

Win for the best idea or win just for entering

As you can see from the photos above, we had fun coming up with a few of our own Summer Sewing Fun ideas for how to put together a sewing gift package with a colorful Janome compact. We created a Learn to Sew bundle and a Housewarming Bundle. But we bet you have some great ideas as well. In fact, if you have the best idea (as determined by our judges), we'll give you one of these little machines. We have a Purple Thunder and a Turbo Teal to giveaway.


To enter, leave a short comment below with your idea for a great gift combo, including a colorful Janome compact. We want to know the occasion for the gift, what you'd include along with the machine, and of course, what color you'd pick. Check out all the machines at Janome.com.

For example, you might say: I'd give Turbo Teal to my niece as a college graduation gift, with some fabric and a basic pattern for making a throw pillow for her new apartment. And on the card, I'd remind her to check out Sew4Home. (It's okay to try to butter up the judges.)

Our esteemed panel of gift judges will choose the best idea from all valid entries and that clever person will win a colorful compact Janome. Then we'll randomly draw a name from all valid entries and that lucky person will also win a colorful compact Janome. The Janome Summer Sewing Fun Giveaway begins today and will run until midnight PT July 6, 2014.

Be sure to check back often to read all the great ideas for sewing-themed gifts.

So cute, but not a toy

The compact Janome machines have many of the same features you'll find on a full size model, like a top drop-in bobbin system, 10 essential stitches, reverse stitching, a 4-point feed dog system, and a free arm for sewing in hard-to-reach places. And at just 5 lbs., you can easily pick one up and take it with you to class, on vacation, or just from room to room at home.

The current collection contains three fun colors: Pink Lightning, Purple Thunder, and Turbo Teal

In addition to being super cute, they're also very affordably priced. In fact, you might want to pick up one for yourself along with one for a gift, because I am positive anyone could use an amazing purple machine. These colorful compacts are available at select retailers, like Target, WalMart, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Urban Outfitters, Overstock, and Amazon. Not all retailers carry all colors, but the Janome website lists where to find each.

If you want a step up a bit in budget, features, and cuteness, then take a look at Janome's Hello Kitty® line. These machines have a surprisingly good set of features along with a bigger selection of stitches. And who can resist the Hello Kitty® graphics?

You can also view details and where to buy information about the five Hello Kitty® models within the full Janome Sewing and Quilting Machines library, including our favorite Red Kitty (HK13512).

Gift machines for more serious sewists

If you're going to be giving a sewing machine as a gift to someone who is ready to sew beyond the basics, we can recommend a number of Janome models that are entry level in style but professional in construction. 

These machines are fully equipped for serious sewing, with things like added lighting, computerized stitches, and the big machine power you want for more ambitious home décor and quilting projects. And they come with the support of a local Janome dealer. (The mini colorful machines are sold online or at major mass merchandise retailers.)

The Janome 2212 is a sturdy entry level model at a great price. This mechanical machine features 12 built-in stitches and a four-step buttonhole.

The Magnolia 7318 has 18 decorative and utility stitches, drop feed, easy electronic features, and the power and precision you can expect from Janome.

The Jem Platinum 760 has 60 stitches (including 5 one-step buttonholes), Start/Stop button, speed control, and a built-in needle threader.

See your Janome dealer to try them out before you buy.

A BIG thanks to Janome America for sponsoring our Summer Sewing Fun Giveaway! For more about Janome machines, accessories and projects, visit them online or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

How to enter to win the Janome Summer Sewing Fun Giveaway


1) Leave a qualifying comment that meets the criteria of the Giveaway. See the full description below under the heading "Qualifying Comments." 

2) Tell us how to contact you should you win. While you can leave your email address with your comment, we highly recommend you register with us and login (top of the page) before you comment; your email address is then hidden from view. You are also free to simply make a comment and choose not to be entered.

Having trouble?

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Get a spam notice on your entry?

We have worked diligently to fine-tune our spam filters, but on occasion, spam filters classify perfectly legitimate comments as spam. Don't take it personally – some complex bit of software didn't get it right. Our goal is to open filters enough to let in comments while blocking the millions of spammers who use commenting forms to spread disreputable links and malware. It's a fine line, however, and no system is perfect. If you don't get through the first time, please try your entry again. If you still have trouble, contact us and we will manually post your entry. 

Other issue? Our support email is info@sew4home.com.

Qualifying Comments: Tell us your Janome Gift Bundle idea.

To enter, leave us a short comment below, describing your idea for a great gift combo, including a colorful Janome compact. We want to know the occasion for the gift, what you'd include along with the machine, and of course, what color/model you'd pick. THIS GREAT GIVEAWAY CLOSED 07/06/14. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED.

We will pick the best gift bundle idea from everyone who has posted a qualifying comment on this article as of midnight PT July 6, 2014. If two posts have the same idea, the one posted first will take precedence, at the discretion of the judges.

We will draw a second person at random from everyone who has posted a qualifying comment on this article as of midnight PT July 6, 2014.

No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited. 

We will contact our winners by email to coordinate delivery.

Make it easier for us to notify you should you be one of our lucky winners. Simply register with us and login before you comment. Your email address is then hidden from view.

NOTE: Due to complex contest legal restrictions and customs requirements that differ from country to country, for this giveaway, we are currently only able to accept entries from and send prizes to a USA postal address (cannot be a P.O. Box). We know this is a disappointment to some of our loyal visitors outside of the USA, and we appreciate your understanding. Our true focus is on providing the best sewing tutorials, tips and inspiration we can to everyone.

Scroll to the BOTTOM of any page to find an empty comment window. After you post, your comment will automatically display at the TOP of the comments on the newest page.



Comments (858)

connie said:
connie 's picture

I would give a "Purple Thunder" machine to my daughter who is 11. She has been learning to sew beside me for the last 10 months or sew!! Along with this adorable and functional machine I would gift her a sewing basket with many of the beginner tools and notions of the trade, so mine don't gravitate her way!

Kathy Crocker said:
Kathy Crocker's picture

This wound be great for my church for craft night. We cound teach the young ladies of our church to sew. I think the purple one wound go nice because that is the high school color that most of our young people go to.

mcbene@knology.net said:
mcbene@knology.net's picture

I would give to my niece who wants to learn to sew.

Shayrena said:
Shayrena's picture

Occasion: Eco-friendly party. One of our friends don't have a machine. She's a green mama who wants to be more frugal. As a gift for her, I would choose the Pink Lightning. I would sew a bag with the textured brown fabric for the bottom half and green for the top half as to mimic the ground and grass. The pink lightning would be the beautiful flower that would help her produce tons of diy projects. I would include patterns for DIY REUSABLES such as cloth wipes and cloth diapers, snack bags, and nursing pads; some organic fabrics, notion storage jars, spools of thread, snaps and snap pliers, a tin needle box, and dressmaker pins. Lastly, I would include a pack of soap nuts for eco-friendly washing and a tiny pot with some flower seed packets so that she can watch them grow as her skills grow. On the back of the seed packets I would state, "Grow your own. Sew4home. Transform your space with your Janome. You can never go wrong." I would call this my GREEN THUMB BUNDLE!

Regina T. said:
Regina T.'s picture

I would give my niece a Purple Thunder. Purple is her favorite color and I think that this along with a 'goody bag' might entice this non-sewer to try. I'd give her a variety of sewing notions, a selection of fat quarters, thread, and some easy patterns to get started.

Olivia Matthews said:
Olivia Matthews 's picture

I love all of them. The purple, the teal, and the pink!! 

I think my first choice would be the purple thunder because it matches my room and I don't know what I would put in the bascet this would be my first sewing machine. You can reach me at   


p.s if I won i would be the happiest person on earth and tell every one to check out sew4home

enchantedstitches said:
enchantedstitches's picture

"I would like either one of the machines (color is not important to me because I love aqua and pink) so I can teach my students how to sew & to also mend their uniforms and athletic clothing. The reason this would be great is because I work in a school that has kids being brought in from all over the county, and many of their parents cannot mend their clothes, or cannot afford new uniforms if the current one gets damaged. Many schools here in Miami Dade County have cut out home economics classes, thus many students have lost or never picked up on basic homekeeping skills. I would also like to make up for this mistake by teaching both my male and female students how to sew.

Shirleyjo1957 said:
Shirleyjo1957's picture

 My  idea would be a gift to the women's shelter in my town.  In addition to the machine, I would include sewing tools, mending and repair items, and try to coordinate donations of additional machines, fabric, patterns and notions.  I would donate my time to teach women and children to sew. (Actually. I love this idea and I might do it anyway.)

Shirleyjo1957 said:
Shirleyjo1957's picture

I used to be a sailor and spent extended periods of time living on my sailboat.  The sailboat was much too small for a sewing maching but the Janome compact would have been perfect.  Now that I am older and retired, I have traded in my sailboat for a camping trailer but still have the same problems.  We live in our trailer for months at a time and I long for my machine.  A person can only knit so many pairs of booties before going crazy.  I would give myself one of these cute little machines with a carry case and basic sewing tools.  I would supply myself with heavy fabrics and cute prints to sew neat things for my camper:  table cloths,  clothespin bag, laundry bag, tool organizer, and whatever else I can think of and create. 

Shirleyjo1957 said:
Shirleyjo1957's picture

My sister lives abroad in the Middle East and obviously could not take her sewing machine with her.  It is possible to buy a machine over there but they are expensive and cheaply made.  She has been going through sewing and crafting withdrawals for a year.  Your little machine, at only 5# could fit in luggage or a carry on.  I would create a package for her that included a carry bag and sewing basic essentials ie shears, thread, ruler, fabric pen, bla bla bla.  I would also include lots of patriotic American type fat quarters, trims, ribbons, buttons, etc.  so she can make American inspired items for her friends and co-workers.  This machine would likely be the best gift ever recieved. The textile markets have thousands of bolts of interesting fabrics at bargain prices.  It is a dressmaker and quilters paradise.

Shirleyjo1957 said:
Shirleyjo1957's picture

I have so many ideas that I will need several posts.  A small compact sewing machine that is lightweight and quality is such an amazing product.          

My Mother will be moving to a senior citizens complex and her Janome takes up too much space.  Her dress making days are pretty much over but she still does a lot of mending and heming for grandchildren and friends as well as simple projects and baby quilts.  I would create a package for her that included in addition to the machine some kind of sensible and easy to access storage and table that could fold away.  I would include lots of different high quality thread, snaps, buttons, hooks, etc.;  things for mending and repair.  I would also include some basic quilting tools and a sewing light.                    

Emily Ferrell said:
Emily Ferrell 's picture

If I were to win one of these cute little machines I would give it to my ten year old daughter, who has been wanting to learn to sew.  I would bundle together the Turbo Teal and a gift card to our local quilt shop.  She could pick out her very own fabric to sew perhaps a doll quilt for one of her favorite dolls.  Yes, she still plays with dolls-love it!  I have a janome that she has seen me make a variety of different things on to sell.  

Thank you, Sew4Home and Janome

Melissa-Princess said:
Melissa-Princess's picture

I have 2 young boys who like to watch and help me sew.  So I would create a sewing gift especially for young boys.  I would make them a durable bag out of denim and fill it with sewing necessities, like scissors, needles, seam ripper and thread.  I would also fill it with some beginner sewing projects like sewing strait lines on paper, easy cut and sew panels with boy themes, and some fabric printed with their favorite action heros.  My youngest loves purple, so I would choose the janome compact sewing machine in purple thunder.



Norma Iris said:
Norma Iris's picture

Giving a sewing machine to someone can actually change their lives. Being able to make something gives such rewarding feeling! A great Gift Basket will be to first of course include this Janome Compact, some fabrics, ribbons, scissors, thread and other notions. But most importantly I'll include a note explaining how much sewing has meant to me since I learned as a child from my grandma, then as a young mom and now that the daughters are adults. Sewing has always been like a great friend that lifts my spirits no matter what. I'll give it to my older daughter who is now a young independent woman and really needs to have something to lift her spirits. I think that even though she never was interested before, while she was younger, now she'll appreciate it and enjoy it because she's very creative.

asimplehomestd said:
asimplehomestd's picture

Any basket I'd have would have to include a good seam ripper. I'd also like plenty of thread, some notions like buttons and zippers, and some Riley Blake fabric.

EstherJoyD said:
EstherJoyD's picture

I would pick the pretty purple lightning machine for my bundle, and I would give it to a younger girl I know who needs her own sewing machine.  I could make zipper pouches that looked like paint chips to hold supplies, with stripes changing through different shades of a color, and a name embroidered in each color’s block.  I’d buy fabric in aqua, red and white, one of the most spectacular color combinations I’ve ever seen!  However, I’d package it all in brown paper and ribbon, because I know how fun it is to anticipate how the plain outside of a package belies the beautiful things inside. 

Vicki Stanley said:
Vicki Stanley's picture

My daughter who just moved to another state to go to nursing school would really love a Turbo Teal machine, along with many colors of thread to go with it.  I think teal would be perfect since she is a San Jose Sharks fan. A former roommate had a Janome Magnolia and they had great fun sewing Halloween costumes with it. 

nicole henke said:
nicole henke's picture

my daughter would adore learning to sew on the purple thunder. I would love to pair it with a sewing essentials kit of extra bonnis, scssors, seam ripper and hadn sewing needles. Ass to that a basic set of thread, and she'd be ready to start sewing!

Donna Owen said:
Donna Owen's picture

Purple Thunder and some fabulous batik fabrics would make the perfect gift for my hippie daughter! I would use some colorful paper to print out the directions for The Three Tiered Skirt and use a pretty ribbon to tie it up into a package with the batiks. I might just include the directions for Angela's Shoulder Bag along with some funky fabrics and notions.She can wear her creations at the next music festival and she will love her Purple Thunder and the creativity it will allow her to express!

Robin1016 said:
Robin1016's picture

Purple thunder is adorable.  I would keep it at my house for teaching a few neighbor girls and my grandson to sew! How cool this is!

J Van Duyne said:
J Van Duyne's picture

I would love this sewing machine for myself

at the moment it would a little bit of therpathy for me and a whole lot of fun in my life,

Color does not matter. I'm learning how to sew.

paisananana said:
paisananana's picture

I have a dear friend that spends much of her time away from home in a 5th Wheel travel trailer and loves to quilt. Her favorite color is purple and the purple thunder mini made me think of her. I would bundle the "Mini "J" (short for Janome) with a small cutting mat and a rotary cutter with about 10 coordinating fat quarters and matching thread. This would then be wrapped in pretty cellophane wrap with a big fabric bow! This machine is just right for a travel trailer! I might just have to buy one for me too!

Cheryl M said:
Cheryl M's picture

I must go with the pink for my granddaughter.  It would be wonderful if the goodie basket included all the attachments that fit this cute machine along with an assortment of notions, threads, fabrics, and patterns specifically for beginners. It would also be nice if sewing lessons from a local establishment were included.  What a great opportunity this is!

Janette said:
Janette 's picture

I think a great combo set starter set would be these fabulous color machine paired with different feet for the machine.  And you can't start sewing without threads.  Need threads lol.  I would pick the Magnolia 7318.  Great time to start making gifts for birthdays and holidays coming up.

Dboyer said:
Dboyer's picture

Oh my goodness, these machines are "sew" bright and cheerful!  It would be like sewing on a rainbow.  Using the rainbow theme, I would fill the gift basket with fabric's, notions & essentials to make your sewing time  as cheerful and happy as wishing on a rainbow!  I'm in love with all of the color's, but purple thunder is my pick.  This would be my perfect birthday present!

Cornelia Toste said:
Cornelia Toste's picture

I love all the machines, but I have always been partial to purple or red.  I take care of my mother in law and since this can be very stressful at times I am looking to pick up my sewing again.  Something I have been neglecting for years.  It brought me so much joy and I long to be creative and sew thinks that I can share with friends.

Elkie said:
Elkie's picture

I would teach my grandchild, who loves designing doll clothes,to use the Janome, choosing Hello Kitty. I would also take it to the special needs school where I work . The fabulous design would encourage them to engage in sewing projects and teach creativity.  I would include a trolley enabling ease of movement,  adding baskets on lower shelf for all accessories needed including patterns and an ideas board with website link for Sew4home.

ErinG said:
ErinG's picture

I would get a purple machine and some bright fabrics for my daughter. She has been wanting to learn to sew like Mommy! I would also add some patterns for matching clothes for her and her American Girl Doll.

Lroethel said:
Lroethel's picture

My daughter is finishing her first quilt, for her 2 1/2 year old son (my grandson), and I am so proud for her. The size of the machine would be perfect for her to take to her quilting group, and she would love the vibrant colors of Purple Thunder. I would include the KwikSew KS3464 pattern, to make a bag, quilt roll and organizer, and colorful fabric to match the Purple Thunder.

Recently, I told her about Sew4Home, as she needed some ideas for floor pillows/cushions, to make for her students. My daughter is an elementary school teacher, and works with special ed children. She was hoping to finish the pillows before school restarts. I mentioned that your site had many wonderful ideas, as well as tips and "how too" information.

Knowing my daughter, she would probable bring the sewing machine to school, as an activity for the older children. She is always looking for new "hands on" projects for her students, to making learning more fun.

Christi295 said:
Christi295's picture

These machines are absolutely adorable. It would be hard to pick which color is more fun. But if I had to choose, I would pick the Turbo Teal machine, and I would make a super duper carrying case for it in coordinating twills and cottons. Something with an ocean theme (being from the Ocean State!). Then I would fill a companion tote bag full of essential sewing items and a binder notebook with the printed instruction pages from some of the more basic sew4home projects for babies like the Snap-on Bib with Pocket and EZ Pre-Quilted Baby Blanket, and some project materials to start them off with. Then I would give it all to my local women & children's shelter. Someone there might welcome the chance to make something for thier baby or child on such a wonderful machine. Thanks to Janome and to sew4home - someone will win a special gift for sure!

tiffani said:
tiffani's picture

I would bundle the turbo teal machine into a beginning sewing kit for my 9-year-old son. He decided to try sewing last summer via kids classes at Jo Ann's Fabric and has been asking for his own machine since then. Unfortunately, it's an expense I can't accommodate right now, but I am saving for one and allowing him to take additional classes that interest him. I would include some Olaf fabric from joanns.com - he wants to make shorts using the pattern from his class last summer - and a gift card so he could choose some additional fabric and patterns on his own. He would be happy and I would be happy seeing his reaction. Who knows, I may be raising the next Calvin Klein or Michael Kors. :)</p

Sewgal said:
Sewgal's picture

My granddaughter would love the Teal Turbo since this is one of her favorite colors and she loves to sew fast.  She is a young sewist and would enjoy her own macine, especially in her favorite color.

ser said:
ser's picture

I would love to win for  me! I love your prize package!

Ramona Hughes said:
Ramona Hughes's picture

I would love to put a package together for my granddaugher who is 7 and just learning to sew.  I would pick the purple thunder but I am sure she would be happy with just having a sewing machine of her own.  I would include some learning to sew patterns, scissors, seam ripper, pin cushion, extra machine needles, bobbins, tracing paper and tracing wheel, tape measure, a variety of sewing needles, saftey pins, and I would have it all inside a handmade sewing basket tied with a purple ribbon.  The perfect gift for a beginner sewer and something that she could have as she embarks on her joyful journey to becoming a great sewer and crafter.

Ginger123 said:
Ginger123's picture

I'd love to win the Turbo Teal machine for my best friend, I'd package it together with a gift certificate to Spoonflower.com, some beautiful fat quarters (Perhaps Heather Ross  or Amy Butler!), and a quilt pattern, so that she can create a photo memory quilt for her daughter when she heads to college! Spoonflower is great for printing photographs on fabric!


thegnome57 said:
thegnome57's picture

The Purple Thunder would be the one for my daughter! I'd assemble a gift basket with the Thunder, complete with a variety of fat quarters in both cottons and silks, notions, and the tutorial for the "Favor Bags for Weddings and More." I might even include a sample bag so she can see how cute they are. She makes jewelry as gifts and buys fabric bags for her gifts. If I could give her this gift, she could make her own fabric bags and both save money and have something unique in which to put her jewelry creations.

Andrea Aguirre said:
Andrea Aguirre's picture

I would be glad to win the turbo teal machine for my mother with some fabrics to make headwraps and skirts, she love sewing but her machine brokes two weeks ago. this is an awesome giveaway by the way. 

juchafer413 said:
juchafer413's picture

 I would love to win Purple Thunder for my granddaughter to take to college this fall.  She will be a Freshman and I am helping her get the things togeather.  This would be a GREAT present for her.  Her favorite color is purple, I'm making a purple zebra ironing board cover for her. Hope we win, she would love it.


contact me at jastob1@gmail.com

Scoopace said:
Scoopace's picture

Here in Kansas where the K-State Wild Cat's rule, the Janome Purple Thunder would be an awesome off to college gift for the thrifty college student/refashionista on a tight fashion budget! The Purple Thunder is small enough to not take up precious dorm space but powerful enough to tackle any refashion project from the local college thrift stores while showing off that Purple Power spirit!  Bundle it with a basket of threads, sissors, pins, needles, dyes, and a subscription to your fashionista's favorite fashion magazine and your college gal will be going from drab to fab just in time to attend the campus indie film festival with that cute guy from her Western Civ class!!!

Kathleen S said:
Kathleen S's picture

I would love the Red Kitty for my daughter.  Her BD is coming in August and I know she would love this as she loves all Hello Kitty items.  I would buy her some Hello Kitty fabric and a pattern to make scrub tops since she works in the ER in a hospital.  I would also tell her that she needs to look up Sew4Home to find out how to make sew many wonderful items.  Thank you for a fun giveaway...

Melanee Phillips said:
Melanee Phillips's picture

I would love to give the Turbo Teal to my 8 yr old son who loves anything blue! We've sewn several projects together already-his favorite is a mini blue cat pillow he named Blueberry. With the sewing machine l'd him a set of different novelty fabrict themed to his different toy collections ( dinosaurs,  farm, army men, knights and dragons, etc.) to sew toy bags to be able to carry around and hang for storage and fabric to make a chef apron and hat for when we're cooking together. There aren't any occasions coming up so I'd probably just give it now to have some summer fun before we started school again.

Justbecause73 said:
Justbecause73's picture

I would love to win the purple Janome for my daughter.  Her birthday is coming up and I'd love to gift her a sewing machine with some patterns and fabric for her to make her own designs with since she loves sewing with mine so much. 

Giddy99 said:
Giddy99's picture

I'd love to win the Turbo Teal for myself (I travel a lot for work, and miss my machine when I'm away)!  I'd include a 1/4" guide/seam foot, a zipper foot, a small battery-powered stick-on light (or set of lights), a package of needles, and a couple of patterns to make both a matching carry-bag and sewing machine cover, along with the necessary fabric & thread, coordinated to match the teal, of course.  A sewing machine mat/hold-all pattern fabric would be awesome, too.  THAT would make for an AWESOME prize, indeed!

ribbonrose said:
ribbonrose's picture

I'd love to win the Turbo Teal for my daughter who will be 15 y.o. shortly. We've sewn together, but this way we can sew at the same time!!! I'd make a cute pincushion or two to go with it, along with fabric scissors, basic thread colors, a bobbin holder, and something cute to hold all the accessories. She'd have access to my fabric stash, but I'd find a few spectacular ones to get her started.

Heather Baker said:
Heather Baker's picture

Gosh I forgot the occasion!  I would give it to my 10 year old neice.  Both of her parents are disabled and it's hard for them to take her out of the house, so an at-home activity like sewing would make her feel creative and productive and would be the perfect way to channel her energy!

Heather Baker said:
Heather Baker's picture

I would give this machine (in PURPLE!) with an enormous gift card to my favorite fabric store!  A gift basket is nice, but nothing beats roaming the aisles of the fabric store, feeling all the textures and choosing your favorite patterns and colors.  Plus, my favorite part of learning to sew was choosing my tools - the perfect scissors, rotary cutter and mat, even my mechanical chalk pencil!  Sewing can be such a personal and expressive experience, and I think the best gift would be the gift of choice.

SA desplaines said:
SA desplaines's picture

I would love to give my 14 yr. old granddaughter the Turbo Teal to sew fashions for her American girl doll. I'd make a basket up with fat quarters, patterns, Scissors, ruler , needles[hand and machine],  thread buttons[tiny], snaps,hook and eyes,seam ripper,measuring tape, pins, small cutting board and rotary cutter to go along with the Turbo Teal and watch what she can create.

Beebs said:
Beebs's picture

My mind is in a swirl right now because oh my, for my granddaughters....the 18 yr. saving up to go to school to become a midwife........my 16 yr old that is so creative and would just love the colors of these little darlings....then there's my great grand niece age 6 that asked me one day.  "Beebs, will you teach me to sew?"  Yeah, most little ones call me Beebo, Beebs or Beebers ( a long story).  :-)   But forever who....I've got the fabric to begin a 'stash' and of course, a cute sewing box matching the machine would just be the 'cherry on the top'.  Tks for the chance to win! Love it!

Karrie Smith said:
Karrie Smith's picture

I would give one of these fun sewing machines to my daughter, so she can learn to sew before she starts college. She can have the purple or teal (i love both!!), but if it was Hello Kitty, she knows I that it would be mine, and she would have to use my machine. Actually, "my" machine was a Christmas present I gave to her when she was in the 6th grade, hoping that she would love sewing. I LOVED sewing at that age. Somehow it didn't work out. But today she got really excited about a piece of fabric SO THERE IS HOPE!! I would definitely let her borrow some of my tools, because we work well together, but I would have to shop through Sew4home (of course) for some fabric and other things I am unwilling to share. Like my seam ripper. I have made it a habit to make sure I know where my seam ripper is, so she will have to get her own ;) It would be SO much fun if she won. I would finally love to teach her to sew. Thanks for the chance to win!

Derenda said:
Derenda's picture

  I would pick the Purple Thunder for my granddaughter. She will be going to a new school this fall and the school colors are purple, gold, and black.  I have started her on piecing a quilt and she has made the remark, (although she made it very plain that it isn't supposed to happen any time soon),  that when I have passed away she would like to have my Janome.  It would be so great to give her one of her own now.  I think a package of sewing or quilting notions and a book of sewing projects for the beginner would be great.  Thank you for the chance to win one.


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